Ferrari V4

Could Ferrari start to rival Aprilia with a V4 Bike? Have a look:

Designed by an Israeli guy, it’s only a prototype, unlikely to see the light?

bloody wicked bike i want one:D

That’s about the ultimate “special”, but…

Lots of computer graphics, but no photos of the bike, either complete or in build. Certainly none in use.

Not saying it’s all a fake by any means, but a bit more evidence that it’s not just a (talented) student design project would be good.

It doens’t take much thinking to see it would not work. You cannot approach bike design from a car design mentality. Bike design centers upon the all important paradigm of mass centralisation, hence successfull bike engines are compact in proportions so that they can fit more or less under the tank. This prototype has the whole thing spread out in the frame which would make the thing very wieldy to ride. Even a Harley would handle better than that thing. I am sure if Ferrari put their mind to building a bike, they would not consider their car engine as a basis for it. Thats not to say they would not carry over things learnt from building their car engines. They would definitely want their bike to be the best handling and fastest 2 wheel machine on the market with dropdead gorgeous design typical of Italian bikes.10/10 for effort but no cigar

And how much will that be then?

And bearing in mind it’ll have to be about 9 foot longer than your average wheels I’m guessing straight line fantastic, but turns like a turd…


that’s weird, it looks like Mechano!

Seriously tho…55