Fence Care

I need to weather proof my fence but don’t want to use a coloured product. I just need the natural grain to pop a bit so it look like it is varnished, so I am guessing one of the clear alternatives. Problem is there are a million on the market and don’t really have the money and patience to buy-try-buy.

Can anyone recommend a product they have used in the past to give a similar effect?

Ronseal is a good option but had a look they are all coloured stains. Just match to whatever is closest to your existing colour.

It looks like for external wood there really isn’t a good option other than varnish.

Here you go, does what it says on the box. Can’t remember but think I sprayed it on with with a hand pump type sprayer like the one below. 5L was enough to do a 6’ x 4’ garden shed inside and out, watch out for any drips especial if you applying it near pavers etc.

Or if you want a branded product Rustin’s do a product called ‘Shed & Fence Clear’. I’ve never used it but have used other Rustin’s products which have all been perfectly satisfactory.

Thanks both, will have a look at the No-nonsense. I already have pressure sprayer from my previous botched attempt, but might chose to apply by brush. The sprayer was all over the place and didn’t apply an even coat.

Don’t know what the fence is made of but I wouldn’t use any product that sits on the surface - it will peel and look horrible.

For regular fence panels you cannot beat creosote or the modern equivalent Creocote. You get a choice of shades of brown!

It is just regular fence wooden panels. Never heard of Creocote before, from your response I am guessing that is what you always use.

See this here is my original problem soooo many different products :cry:

Whatever you do, don’t get it confused with Mr Creosote.

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Is the fence waffer thin?

Looks like Creocote is available from Tool Station. I’ve got it from Lawsons before and found it good. I prefer the mid or dark brown.

Real creosote was banned in 2003 as it’s toxic.