FEMA's survey on road closures & motorcycle noise - FEMA

FEMA’s survey on road closures & motorcycle noise.

In several European countries (like Germany and the Netherlands) more and more roads are closed for motorcycles, partly due to complaints about excessive motorcycle noise.

With a short survey we want to ask you, the motorcyclist, some questions on this subject > www.fema-online.eu/…/…/2018/08/14/survey-road-closures-noise

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I expect they’re also banning cars with loud exhausts?

I think cars with loud exhausts are probably a small enough problem to be dealt with relatively individually or as distinct groups. It’s not nearly as ubiquitous as it is with motorbikes.

Yep, bikes are orders of magnitude more noisy than cars, even with standard exhausts, especially when you consider the ratio of bikes vs cars on the roads. We love our noise and we make no apologies for it. It’s a very selfish and indulgent mindset when viewed as someone not on the bike though, especially when considered in urban areas.

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The majority of people I ride with have stock pipes, the loudest I hear on the road are Harleys which I assume they have removed the baffles ?

Well Harley’s are rather agricultural so probably using a tractor exhaust.

For me it’s mostly 125s and sportsbikes I see with daft exhausts, though I don’t see that many harleys generally.

The only time I tend too see them is at Cafe’s :joy:

Yup ban all 125’s and inline 4’s with loud exhausts the noisy buggers :grin:

for me, I often see them riding in groups with an RAC support van following

I’ve never been a fan of obnoxious exhausts… they infuriate me. I think it should be an actively enforced offence in the UK

Never understood the deal with loud pipes, and lets not forget when you swap out that stock exhaust or bin the baffle you need to re-map the fuel system, failure to do so will result in less power.

Yea loud pipes on bikes at much louder than loud pipes on cars.

Case in point being that my R6 with a race fit has a higher dB level than my mates TVR Tuscan with a straight through pipe.

I love loud pipes. The only thing a copper has ever said to me about my pipe was “I get it”

Got no issues with loud cans myself. Closing roads cos a few people hate bikes is pretty stupid imho and impacts on not just loud bikers. Am guessing bikers and loud exhausts were using those roads long before Mr and Mrs Killjoy moved there.

Bit like people who buy homes near heathrow and then complain about airplanes.

After city riding for the last 40 years, much of that commuting, but with loud cans for only the last 8 years, I can say from experience that I have had zero pedestrians walk into me since using loud pipes. I had two accidents before that, when I had stock pipes, when lemming peds walked into me, and countless close misses.

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That’s one poorly written survey… You can sense the bias in q1

Indeed, there seems to be a vocal mob that want us to revert to the 1920’s.

It’s a bit like the obsession with pollution in London. The air is actually pretty clean since there are no foundries or factories working any more and the docks are long gone. Now it’s just the fact that there are ~10 million people that live in 607 square miles, plus the additional 5 million that come in for work purposes and the tourists on top.

Now if every smoky diesel vehicle was off the road, that would make a difference. I remember the bus strikes, traffic flowed and the air was definitely cleaner.

That’s down to TfluckingL having a bus stop every 60 yards and giving kids free travel.

Kids free travel should be removed or given to all kids in the country.

I’m not sure that’s a solution to anything. Would you rather every parent in London who’s kid can’t walk to school use their car to take their kids?

Whilst im.not against free transport for all children, it’s quite a weird thing to suggest. So someone (or some local authority) does something good, because everyone else can’t/ won’t do it, we don’t do it at all?