Females Only

Heya everyone.

I just recently got my new honda CG 125 and am wanting to plan a female ride out event for next year. No guys please.
I am planning to do this females ride out because even though I get a long with guys more I realized that I haven’t seen many female riders and I probably have more in common with.Also the advantage to learn from each other.
If anyone is interested I will be putting updates when I can and when I have time. If anyone has any ideas of areas etc please PM me. Nothing has been set at the moment and I would like to see if there is any point of doing this ride out.

Nothing againist guys :slight_smile:

oooookkkkkaaaayyyyy…can understand u wanting to go on a rideout…rah rah rah…but why for next year, when the suns here now? and why with NO men at all when there is quite a few that are learners on here too? See the confidence rideout thread that one of the guys is arranging (2nd one) with the help of some experienced riders?..

honestly, it wont be any different with just women on a rideout or if you have some men there too? they are all good guys…promise you !!

what area are you so we have a idea mate? :slight_smile:

I am near Croydon which is south west London. Well it is mostly that I hang out with enough guy bikers and the women bikers I have met I have more to talk about and real more relaxed. The reason for next year because i have nothing planned and I am thining of making a big think maybe a charity thing but I am not sure also I haven’t got my full licence. I might consider guys coming depending how many woman reply and want to do this. I just posted this to mostly see the results to see if there is any point.
I was going to just do girl friends but I thought why not meet more females so then going on big ride outs would be great to ride with some girls as well.

I ride out with some ladies too and think there is also a ladies ride out on the 17th August? There are quite a few women bikers on this forum, so I am sure you’ll find people who would like to go for a ride out. You could post up more details on here too, times / place etc. Lots of people start from Boxhill, as there are some good lanes round there, so you might want to use that as a meeting point?

Thank you. I didn’t know there was female ride outs already. I might try one of thoughs and discuss more with them.

You will find some men on them though, as female pillions can take their rider :D;)

Well that is ok as long as there is more women as most of the ones I haven’t gone to I have only seen about 3 women lol. Thank you for the advise. Does anyone know which page it is on?


Here you go, although its not suitable for L’plates

I’ve been called a Tart now and again… Does that mean I can come too?;):smiley:

Chunks, from what we hear, you have no problem coming …as i have said before when you asked if you could come :w00t:

Jade? if you want to meet up, have a chat, ask questions, whatever…meet up with me and some of the other girlies at the Ace or some place…no problem with any of us im sure, just let us know and we can arrange something…

Good on you for taking the bull by the horns so to speak.

If you want to meet more female riders do come along to some of our meets. There’s loads of us riding a wide range of bikes here, including scooters, 125’s, super motos and super sports!

OOoh Werrrr:w00t:;):smiley:

Some say i ride a girls bike, so does that mean i can join in.

Can trannies join in? :slight_smile:

To be honest LB has a large majority of lady riders, and have been on some standard rideouts where the ladies outnumber the men!