female wins 2 day test with F1

She crashed after 4 corners and she will try again today wish her luck!!! the circuit has 19 corners…

Yes, I saw that! She was quite ‘good’ i have to say!

LOL… doh

you need glasses m8 she was crap!!! she was world champion in cart race when i saw her driving of the pit i already knew that they made the wrong expensive decision

F1 and MotoGP is just not for girls!!! end of case like the same that you won’t find truck mechanics females…

I just see it as a great incentive for other girls out there to don’t be shy and come out and try any sport we do! I trullly believe that they can do anything. Obvioulsy some sports are more physical then others and then they will have to compete between themselves.

Why cant we have a female driving a formula one? There are some pretty fit girls out there and more than capable, the Fifth Gear girl Vicki Butler-Henderson is a prove of that!

Girls are around and bitting most of the ‘normal’ riders like us inclusive for a long time! You can see it here:


Or go to a trackday and challenge one of those here:


I’m not saying that they are better than men, but certainly they can compete with us in most of the sports, that’s for sure! If not they can have their own class! And should actually!

There were some very quick women racing in the Bemsee series last season and ten there were some not so good ones as well. They were out there trying and thats really what counts.

Female bike racing team are Feisty racing, any of the ladies out there wanna go racing next year, find them on the web and give them a shout.

Thanks Chuffs!

That’s the google result for Feisty Racing, which are the www.bikergirl.com

Feisty Racing
Feisty Racing is an all girl racing team which formed from a group of female
racing friends in Feisty Racing is the racing arm of Bikegirl Limited.
www.bikegirl.co.uk/ladies/feistyracing.html - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

Well done girls , you are invited for a full article at LB at any time!

i knew that you will get me wrong! i said about F1 and MOTOGP not club racing! get it.!!! the girl that crashed after 4 corners was on an F1 machine with honda engine, proper stuff!!i’m not saying anyhting about girls are week and slow! i had a 5 foot teen girl from japan overlap me twice in cadwell park on a r6 and i was on a K03 thou. ok ok my bike was new from the shop and i took easy. I just want make the point that there is girls out there fast and furious but for an F1 car and Moto GP will take years and years like it took hundred years for a women to go solo around the world on a fooking boat.Men been racing around the world on a boat for more then 100 years. is a fact. don’t make me look like i’m a machist! i’m realist!

they just have let a female have a go!!! she crashed!!before half lap that’s why !!!

i think you are telling us that women is better then men!!!

the other they you started with sex change topic…

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think i knew you quite well cezao!!!i guess i didn’t…