Female Support

I would like to see some more female support on the French Trip please.

The last thing I want this to become is a Jolly “Boys” Outing so come on ladies get booking !!!

oh oh, id love a jolly boys outing actually

just like only fools and horses, only on bikes maybe…

though coach could be cool, everyone could drink then

Thanks for that mate in a female support post !!!

Barro is just a perv wants to see women in leathers

I would rather them without !!!

I’m debating whether to put my name down for this, but,… I don’t trust myself to ride very safely on the wrong side of the road

There are lots of people with great experience and advice to give as I found on the last one…you,ll be great…come join us, you,ll love it…

Yes watch that. When I went to France I turned left out of a junction and naturally just pulled out onto the wrong side of the road. So easy done! It wasnt until a car started coming towards me I thought mmmmmm done summit wrong ere lol

Thats hardly likely to happen with a sweeper and cornerman system mate so no wories there quiet one !!

Terry, even when I’m a passenger in a car over there I feel sick,… it just throws all my senses out (tho some would say I haven’t got any lol) Last time I was in Holland I’d have had a head on without even getting out the car park lol.

Know the feeling, it is fine really and especialy in a group everything flows nice and relaxed. You will be fine

If I can improve my riding skills enough not to slow you guys down and Paul SVStreetfighter (?) is going for the day, I might come along. Provided he can put up with me coming back with him on the day.

But, am not a lady and will definitely be wearing leathers or something suitable. Wouldn’t put you through the other option.

Is LMRR still going?

How fast will you be going?

quote: How fast will you be going?

we have a cornerman system in place so even if you ride slowly no one gets left behind

Dunno yet, its too early to say

Thanks, Ginger, but ahem, I managed to get lost on a straight road (A24) on Sunday? At least, here I can read the road signs, France I have no chance.

LMRR, let me know if you are going, even though, you’ll probably be at the front and me at the back.

I’ll keep you informed

Lady pillion will be with me, so she’ll be behind me all the way!!

I promise you that nobody will get lost alone! I will be there! Does it makes things any better? lol

We will be touring guys and girls and not racing or in rush. That will be a pleasant trip and everyone will have fun, you will see how nice the atmosphoere is and everyone takes care of each other. Come alone and see by yourself

It’ll be brilliant, the last two times everyone has had a great time. It doesn’t matter what you ride, how you ride or your level of experience, everyone is catered for! More women please!

Shall i tuck my willy between my legs??? ive already got tits!!!