Female riders (beware, potentially sexist thread)

The one thing I thought I would miss about the train is the number of pretty hot women you get to view on it. Turns out I’m not missing out at all. Quite apart from the quality of Balham and Clapham ladies, turns out there are some very pretty bikers out there too. Nice girl on a black Honda Lead last night (sadly turned off into a huge house, hopefully daddy’s, by clapham common), and this morning’s commute was brightened by a lovely lass on a black ER6n.

That is all

Look out for sexy mommies going past clapham common… Quite posh school there so quite a few morning brightening spottings :smiley:

Quite aware of them, but not often out at 7.45 or so when I come past.

And the sunbathers/joggers on the way home as well. Dangerous area…

Ill make do with my bird! Fit as “French Connection United Kingdom” :smiley:

Bob, you know that it was Dr Johnson that said that line in your signature, Tired of London tired of Life, and that he was married?

Doesn’t mean he wasn’t gay and shacking up with the son of a Marquis, just he wasn’t a bachelor.

no visions of beauty on a vfr400 then?

It has been pointed out, but often attributed to Wilde. He probably publicly agreed with the sentiment. Point is that London is great until you get married and have kids, or are poor. If you’re poor, London’s sh!t. Unless you have 17 kids, and a state provided mansion in Chelsea.

the girls I am seeing riding their bicycles! wowzer!

and they tend to wear a lot less

lol saw a girl on a boris bike this morning in a short dress, trying to maintain her dignity to no success

Nice. How much dignity did she lose? Colour? Absence? Makes the heart grow fonder ya know…

there was loads at ace cafe last friday especially stunning polish female bikers wow couldnt belive how stunning some of them where mroe confused when they are with this big pot belly bloke lol

In answer to this and my previous comment, she is completely justified (the bird) as I am in fact also very hot! :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re obviously not kishan’s type :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to see that you also posted this recently http://londonbikers.com/forums/1031065//nearly-binned-it

Any connection?!! ;):smiley:


im still revelling in the vision of beauty :blush:

What happened to that lid cam thread ages back that was supposed to enlighten us on such distractions…

I so wish. At least then I would have a decent defence other than ‘I just lost it, but very luckily caught it’.

Thanks Kaos, we explained this a while ago but were ignored.

Tip… There is a little coffee van (not mine :D) parked up on the traffic island outside Clapham Common tube…

If you’ve got loads of time stop off and have a coffee there and you have a front row seat of all the laydee cyclists on their way in to the West End - City as they wait at the lights .

There are millions of them!

PERV - springs to mind !!

What time did you say? :Whistling: