Female only Ride skills day run by Kent Fire service


We are running a LADIES DAY at Brands Hatch this year on the 16th September! The day will follow the normal format of our tried and tested Ride Skills days which we have been running for 8 years but this is the first time we have targeted female Bikers specifically. The Kent Fire Bike team (despite being all male) has close ties with female motorcyclists having assisted at the National IAM Ladies day at Thruxton in the past, conducted our bespoke Ladies day at our base in Rochester last year and over the last 10 years has also taken every opportunity to support female motorcyclists individually and in groups.

We’re aware that often these kind of activities attract many men and that often women and men have different expectations and learning experiences, in order to address these and fairly balance opportunities for all we have decided to dedicate one of our Ride Skills events to a, primarily, female audience in order to control the learning environment with a bias in favour of female Bikers for a change! 

The day will include 5 activities, 4 of which will occur simultaneously. With an estimated 32 max attendees on the course will have 4 x groups of 8 riders and each group will take part in each activity in a ‘round robin’ style. The 5th Activity will be the rack riding and will occur separately from the other 4 activities (middle of the day and last thing)

Activities are:

  1.        First Aid
  2.        Road Theory
  3.        Observed Road Ride (1 to 1) this is a friendly assessment with a few pointers, not a critique on your riding!
  4.        Slow Speed and Emergency stop tuition in a safe off road area.
  5.        Track riding – Not about racing but about practicing what you have learnt in the safe environment of the track at speeds you are comfortable with. We do not share the track with anyone else during this session! 

The cost is just £60 for the whole day, there will be food and drink available to purchase on the day from the Café in the pits and we will be allocated our own garages in the pits for bikes and gear. Novice riders are welcome and will be looked after, we have no expectations as to your riding ability so don’t have any fears over not being good enough, all you need is a full licence, full leathers, either one piece or two piece with a zip all the way around the waist to the front of the hips and appropriate gloves, boots and helmet, oh and a sense of adventure and humour! 

Insurance is not a legal requirement for track riding and generally your normal insurance is invalid whilst on the track but check with your own insurer if you are concerned or unsure.

None of the modules are compulsory so you are not required to participate in any particular activity. It’s all at your pace and in your comfort zone.

There is no requirement to remove mirrors etc, you can ride on the track with your bike as it is on the road
If you are interested in attending please e-mail me at [email protected]

OH, and you will not be expected to ride like my friend Leila (pictured), especially as it would mean you’ll be leaving the Fire Bike Riders behind! :wink: Jim. [/i]

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I just signed up to the free for all on the 20th of May. Proper looking forward to it,