Female GP riders

Is it true that the reason we have no female GP riders is because they all cream themselves on the first lap due to the vibrations? :cool:

Funny as lordy!


The male mind is conspicuously unconvoluted at times…oh dear!

get yourself out to the isle of man. There are a couple of (rather dishy) lady racers who compete in most races. Jenny tinmouth is currently the fastest lady who averages about 120mph around the 37.73 mile street circuit

And she’s a cool, down to earth person!

:wink: Reedallabaadit! - http://londonbikers.com/articles/12584/lb-interviews-jenny-tinmouth

an excerpt:

LB : Where do you see yourself in five years? Would you like to be still racing?

Jenny : " Yes definitely still racing, I haven’t got where I want to go yet and I love it too much, I’ll probably be racing classics when I’m 65, (if I live that long) ."