fell off the bkie for the very first time aahoooooo!

well i got a bit cheeky with my filtering this morning and bined it just in time not to go over the back of a beemer,escaped with a grassed knucle and bruised ego leeson learnt and a big thanks to the biker who stoped to how i was cheers as i think he was even more in a rush than me

Nice meeting you last night Ray, sorry about the off but its good to hear your okay, how is the bike?

Da Artist

i was dead lucky i only scraped the right hand casing and the end can,nice to meet you to mate and you weaver,just a bit inbaressed a guess it had to happen sometime and at least it wasn’t seriouse

Whoops, bad luck Ray. Best stop doing the ape impressions and dragging your knuckles!


easy done.

im 9 or 10 weeks into my commuting to work full time. Its ok, but I still reckon the odds are heavily stacked against me. Thats obvious to say, but seeing it day in day out, is something else and something I dont need to explain to many.

Sorry to hear that matey… did u have an bobbins etc etc…

I bought an aprilia last year to keep the miles down on the R1, went for a ride with my cousin the other day and he pressed the front brake as he was going round the corner … TWAT… hes been riding 4 years ! if i didnt have them it would have cost me loads… still main thing is, hes ok…

Sorry to hear mate but glad it was a minor one.

Unlucky fella,glad you were able to join the binned it club and be able to get up and talk about it tho

Sorry to hear this mate, sounds like you got off lightly, live and learn.

Welcome to the club, glad it was a minor one.

Yeh, welcome to the “off” club !! Good innit?.. Seriously though, so glad you are ok…thats the BEST bit of a off…we are still here to get back on our babies and piss off those a-holes in cages !! And to be fair, its not all of em, but ENOUGH of em…

it is hard not to get complacent when commuting, esp in the city…

ive been doing it for over a yr now, ive only gota month left til my new job, i just hope touch wood the odds go in my favour until then!!

Hey mate

Good to hear you’re alright. About time to invest in some decent gloves. Let me know if you’re heading down to Cubana later.

AT least u can laugh about it eh