Fell off my bike for first time :(

yea i fell off my bike today after coming home from work. I was trying to be very careful because it was wet, it wasn’t even raining at all. Ive been out plenty of times in wet. It was a right turn into a road and i stopped waited for traffic to clear and made a normal right turn but for some reason the tires lost grip and i fell on the side of my ass. It feels very weird like you are watching someone crash their bike but then you realize its you and your like “oh **** im on the floor”.

I just cant figure out why I fell. I cant have been going more than around 15mph because my jeans are not damaged at all and my bikes working. For the moment I blame the crappy road and the crappy tires on my ybr 125 which I think ill get replaced for my confidence.

what do you think?

Sorry to hear that! But at least you’re OK.

Do you think you might’ve been a bit ripe with the front brake while turning? Or was there any oil on the road where you came off?

Sounds like the back tyre slipped while doing your turn. Were you revving much?

Same thing happened to me when I first started riding. Just got a new set of tyres. Was pulling out of the bike shop entrance to turn left, gave it lots of throttle (750cc bike) and I ended up on my left side and skidded around 180 degrees. That was 12 years ago and I still have problems with my left knee as a result of that incident to this day.

No-one had warned me that new tyres are slippery.

im pretty sure i wasnt using the front brake while turning. The road is very close to my house so Im going to go overthere and have a look

Thats probaly the most possible because the bike had turned around and was facing the other way that i was going. but still i think the bike lost grip too easily im going to check out the road

You have now lost your biking cherry, good to see your not hurt.

yea im glad I got taught a lesson this way than at 50mph. I think ill get rid of these stock tires, they are nylon and are apparently pretty poor

Unlucky mate, glad you are OK… You dont have to crash for the first time ever again :wink: would be good to try and decompose the fall, but not over analyse it if you can’t get anywhere. Check for manhole covers and oil/diesel on the road even white lines if you might have crossed them, all very slippy in this wet.

It will take a while to get your confidence back, but it will come… dont worry :slight_smile:

Always very slippy if there has been a dry spell and then a sudden downpour, be careful out there peeps!

glad to hear you are ok. lots of surface water around today as well

Firstly, unlucky about your first crash and I’m glad you’re ok.

This is good advice…Sometimes you can take a positive from a negative experience, but best to take what you can from what happened then move on.

This experience at least showed you that conditions on the road (be they physical surface or movement of traffic) changes from one moment to the next, and why we all have to ride anticipating what’s out there.

Stick on a decent set of tyres also…Yeah yeah…Tyres…They’re all black and round…

But the ones that come on a 125 will be made to a really tight budget and it’s likely you can have some that are much much better by buying an aftermarket set.

Check out what Michelin or Bridgestone have available for small wheel rim sizes, or better yet, speak to your local tyre stockist.

Sorry to hear about your crash mate.I remember my first crash, everything seemed to go slo-mo! really shook me up for a good month believe it or not!

If you have those TPS or whatever they’re called tyres on that come as standard…get them changed, yes - they are crap

I’d lay most of the blame on the O.E. tyres, though that’s a guess, but some simple dynamics are probably also a contributory factor.

Did you lean slightly as you pulled away aiming to take the corner?

If you did the tyres will be trying their best to move out away from the lean and low side you. But that brings up the tyre question again.

Decent ones will try their best to dig out some grip and do what the are needing to do. Poor ones will simply try to spin out from under. So…

What that lot above said. Go get some decent rubber.

Sounds like diesel/oil to me - t1ts up before you can say Jack f*cking Robinson. . .

Get yourself some decent tyres Mate, put it behind you and move on…least it was only your pride :wink:

As mentioned before, there could have been many factors that contributed to your off…at least you’re OK though hun.
Get back on as soon as possible otherwise the longer you leave it the harder it’ll be to get on.

I always found the tyres on my 125 felt really slippy in the wet (guess I should have changed them), hated getting caught in the rain! Have found it so much better now I ride a 650 with decent tyresCarol (Mrs GSXR)

decent rubber it is then. thanks for the input, I feel much better now :slight_smile:

Input always feels better with better rubber if there’s a risk of an accident! :smiley:

Fallen of my bike twice now, nothing serious, both times at slow speeds on corners with no one around to “nelson muntz” me. Both times i too noticed it all went a bit slo-mo, also there was a calm sense of acceptance both times. hello asphalt, fancy meeting you here.