Feeling very sad - don't read if you're feeling nauseous!

:crying: She’s dead, my lovely, trusty Beemer is a goner. :crying:

Had been told last week by 4th Dimension, the repair place, that although they were still waiting for some prices, it was looking like it was going to be border line as to whether it was economical to repair. Spoke to Mark TDJ and Matt from OMC last night to see whether I should fight/ compromise to save her - described the damage and they both agreed that based on what I told them it would be best to get rid of her, if I had the chance. Had already started to think about what I might replace her with - as she’s my commuter/ London bike , was starting to look at reviews on the Street Triple - I feel so disloyal now…

So I have just rung 4th Dimension to check on progress. Apparently they have already told my insurance company that they are taking her off life support and letting her go :crying: Can’t quite work out why I’m so upset - it’s what I had agreed to last night, I know it’s for the best, but even though she had only been mine for 6 months I loved her. She will always be the first bike I rode to the Brecon Beacons, the first I rode on the continent. She represents a great number of hours with a permanent grin on my face and a warm , fuzzy feeling in my tummy. She was easy to ride, very forgiving of newbie-esque errors and she didn’t complain when I dropped her - twice! Perhaps it’s for the best and yes I know I am being rather pathetic (never felt this way about cars), but I’m really going to miss her :crying:

The on-going injury means I don’t have to make any quick decisions on her replacement and as soon as I’m able to get back on a bike I’ll be getting the ER-6F to replace the Kawasaki (for which I will shed no tears), so perhaps I will just have one bike for a little while, whilst I mourn my loss.

Jeez - what’s wrong with me?!! Am sure I’ll get over it, but for now, my heart is a little bit broken. :frowning:

Feel sorry for you, I can imagine how it is from my previous experiences.

Don’t rush with decision, make a wise one, you may actually find something different which will be as nice or maybe better.

Take care,

get the street triple for town :slight_smile:

I know how you feel. I cant bare to part with my GSR. It was my first love and Ive had it nearly 3 years. So much fun but I need the money so it might have to go this year. It will be devastating! :crying:

It’s one of those things. I’d be the same. Especially with your first bike, you’d have liked to have seen it sold on to someone else rather than written off or scrapped. It represents a lot of time, effort and learning that is sadly gone.

Aw Ally. :frowning: I know just how you feel, I got a bit like that after I blew up my first car after 5 years of faithful service. But now I have a better car, that is nicer to drive, more comfortable and better suited to my current needs. So just try to think of it as an enforced upgrade, and relish all the new memories you’ll get with your new pride and joy!

I think the cruiser won’t give up that easy. Be careful, those japs can get angry! :smiley:
Sad to hear about the BMW, suited you quite well. But tbh can’t wait to see you on the ER6! Always look towards the future because the future is bright (green)!

Thanks everyone for resisting the temptation to take the piss for my excessive levels of patheticness - much appreciated. Have no idea why I’m feeling so emotional about it - getting soppy in my old age!

George - the future is most definitely candy lime green - cannot wait and I’ll have to go and see Westie at some point about a Street Triple.

If you require any honest and personal Q&A session about STR`13 I guess I can offer my humble service.


ps. as the owner

Once you have your new bike you will soon forget it…

Happy to offer Q&A and a test ride on 2012 Street Triple. :slight_smile:

striple in green. hmm.

me_groovy (05/02/2013)

striple in green. hmm.

Actually meant the ER-6f - but nothing wrong with 2 green bikes!

How is the claim coming along, did the Police come back to you about the CCTV!


I was thinking about your bike choices. I’m riding my ER6-fdaily at the moment and it serves me well – it is a nice bike to commute on,economical, reasonable fast if not earth shattering. For what I want it isfine, but I’m not sure I’d be going for that if I were you.

First off it’s a bit of a middle weight and you’ve probablyalready gained enough experience on midweights to feel more comfortable onsomething more powerful. I wonder if the ER6-f will feel a bit limited after awhile. A mate of mine went from the ER6-f to a CBR600RR – big difference in asimilar sized bike. As he points out the “quality” of the Honda compared to theKwakker is also easy to spot. The ER6-f is obviously built to a price – and itshows in some ways. So OK – maybe a 600RR isn’t what you want either butperhaps you see my point. The other thing is since you plan to have a couple ofbikes, why not have something light and fun around town (street triple soundsgood) and then get something with a bit more grunt for the longer journeys. Imust admit when I did the Champagne region trip a few months back, I wouldn’t even haveconsidered that on the ER6-f.

Just thinking…


Just buy what you fancy, try it for a bit and if you still miss the BMW there will be one you can give a good home to later. Don’t listen to Simon, get an ER6 if you want to - it doesn’t have to be forever as you know.

Sorry we haven’t been to visit you on the “new” wheels yet - have you got a piccy?


I always fancy this one, shame is not a factory colour anymore.

And I have seen new blue… amazing.


Not sure if you have an ipad - good article on the Triumph in comparison in Ride magazine (love it on the ipad) if not get out on your new wheels and pick up a copy - reviews beat everything in the class!
By the way, if your bike was 6months old or less then they will not pay you - they will provide you a like for like bike!

If 4th Dimension can’t repair it, then definitely get rid of it.

In fact, if there is any doubt as to the bike on insurance - its best to get rid of it.

I could have written mine off with a Triumph dealer, but 4th Dimension said they could repair it economically. They did a great job generally, but there are still some niggles on the bike compared to how it “was”. Even when you fix all the superficial stuff on the bike, you don’t know what an accident (or even drop) has done to the guts of the bike. To be fair to 4th Dimension they seem happy to take bikes back in to fix problems.

Also, you may just notice niggles that weren’t there before in your “concern” of the bike’s accident.

So, for all but the most minor of accidents in future I’d aim for a write-off, regrettable :crying:

Good luck with your new choice though!

on the plus side i have a lovely crystal white tiger 800 for sale :slight_smile: