Feelin like a fool

Hello all,

Just writin this to make sure that u’s don’t do what i did!!Was at work, nearly finished, when i had to move my bike to a different spot, had left it no longer then 10 mins! And when i went to go home, one of my work mates came in and told me that my bike was on the ground out side. The feckin wind had blown it over. Couldn’t believe it. Broke the front brake lever, mirror,bar end,panels,screen,exhuast and mushroom were all scratched. Not happy,

So just be wairy of the wind…

Sorry to hear mate.

Hell’s Bell’s that’ll be some gust of wind.

Hard to take man, but it’ll have to be Hurricane status before I’ll worry about 7’s lardy arse being blown over.

Summat to be said for old heavy weights!

I really sorry to hear about that mate! I can imagine the feeling…

Oops, even worse I suspect when it’s the old-man’s bike, eh Timmy :-/

Sory to hear that about your bike that was bad man hope you get it sorted soon without costing a lot mate

What the hell?? Everyday someone???

Might’ve been something other than the wind!! I know the feeling though, I used to be a dispatch rider and lost count of the times I found my bike on it’s side.

I told you to get the stablisers Timmy… It wouldn’t have fallen over!!!

That’s just bad luck dude… hope it doesn’t cost too much…

I know how you feel … that happened to me one night a few years back & it put a huge dent in my tank … gutted!