Feelers Sun 20th September.

Depart the Ace Fully fueled 9.00am.
Rideout to point A.
Rideout to Point B.
Rideout to Point C.
Point D is the wild card.

Post up A,B,C or D.

Please do not explain why you cannot attend.

I may come on this one if I am not going to Cornwall. My suggestions are - a quick blast up to Inverness, then John O Groats across to Durness and finish at Cleethorpes - it’s all north innit?

I’ll shut up then. :pensive:

Thanks Hels, we were thinking of the south of England or Slovakia. So you`re out.

Points A,B C and D are all in England and have morning coffee, lunch and nice creams en route.

Ok Avebury Stones for coffee via Savernake forest, Lulworth cove for late lunch, Winchester via fords, gravel and mud, for ice creams and finish in Croydon :slight_smile:

um so the weather maps may have a lot to answer for, may join from point H.

I was going to suggest an OK Diner tour, there’s eight to choose from but that’ll take a little planning and most of them seem to be in places we’d rather pass on through, so an old favourite.

A. Silver Ball Café free coffee for bearers of £20 notes
B. Walkers (A1065 off A11 sign posted Swaffham, Brandon and RAF Lakenheath) dogging, cottaging & coffee
C. Fishers of Hunstanton quality fish n chips since Mike Sarne last had a chart topper
D. John’s Rock Shop Wells-next -the-Sea novelties, nougat and nice creams

Mummy would love a postcard from Hunstanton or is it too soon since we last went that way?

A. Super Sausage via Stoney Stratford
B. Melton Mowbray over the tops
C. Fosse way by way of Coventry
D. Tea time in Pewsey

All very interesting :slight_smile:

My boy has his first official footie feature so … the missus better get him ready and there on time. 9am at the Ace - it ain’t mid-summer anymore.

Point A - Ace
Point B - Blackheath Tea Hut to pick me up
Point C - Whatever you’re planning for the day
Point D - Back to Blackheath Tea Hut
Point E - No longer interested

Always looking for new people to ride with so may come along to this one.

Will all depend if I’ve broken in my bike / tyres by then, not able to ride much at the moment and it’s only got 60 miles on it so far! I’ll keep an eye on the thread though :slight_smile:

LifeOnTwoWheels - is it just a new bike or are you a new biker? If the latter and you’ve only ridden 60 miles since passing your test this may not be the ideal group ride for you to start on, it’s likely to be a 300 mile day out on large cc bikes, ie progressive.

I’m reading the bike has only 60 miles. We’ll let him tail that way he/she, could be a redhead :-), can scrub in the tyres and churn the gears and oil all in a day.

Ring the dealer Life’ and book that first service :wink:

@Jetstream - I’ve been riding for 2 years, it’s just a new bike, it’s a Honda CBR300R - I had a loan CBR300 for a week or so and am comfortable sitting at 100mph. Unless you’re all planning to do 120mph+ then I probably won’t be able to keep up, no. Otherwise I’m sure I’d be alright.

The fastest I’ve ever been is 70 mph and that was an indicated 70 so it was probably more like 67 or something. Although I’ve heard rumour that Mr J has done a track and is in receipt of some paperwork from Glasgow’s finest so he’s probably gone faster :wink:

Only overseas. The Glasgow episode was less than 70.

Sorry LO2W - just checking so that you didn’t get a surprise on the day. Read up on the Cornerman System post at the top of the Rideout section if you don’t already know it.

We could be back in the country by then?

Well, I now have to go off to Bournemouth on Saturday to help out my uncle so I can’t make it anyway! Oops.

I’ll try join the next one - oh, and it’s a “he” :wink:

Will there be a quick stop at point B and a half to gather up all of us who want to meet en route?