feeler guage

Does anyone here have a set that starts at .0025 or less ? And if so where did you buy them ? I have 5 sets in the garage and none of them go that small . All I have been doing is setting to a snug .003 and that will be fine , so its not a big issue but it would be nice to have a set that does .

Halfords Imperial Feelers start at 0.0015"
Hope that helps

Not small enough according to the online converter . I think I may have found one but its 50 quid !!! I think things will be staying at what I have unless I can find cheaper .

£7.46 delivered…


Still not going small enough it stops at 0.038 metric . I have down to 0.030 I would like to get 0.020 metric .

oh ok, your original post says 0.0025, in metric that’s thinner than fag paper so i assumed you meant 25 thou’ of an inch :slight_smile:

you actually want 0.020 mm ? what are you measuring ?

Are you sure you aren’t getting metric and imperial measurements confused? Have you any idea how thin 20 microns (0,02mm) actually is?:Whistling:
Are you sure you don’t mean 0.020" (inches)?

Ahh yes sorry my decimals are wrong in the first post . And correct in the next … I must check things like that better . But yes I want 0.025 …0.020 if possible in metric . Its for some very tight valve clearence tolerances and adjustment purposes … experimental work and general messing around .

I think I have found what I need … Very thin plastic . Disposable as being so thin damage is inevitable . Set gaps using it like a gasket . Cheers for the help ))

Edit … a copy paste of what they say I need . . (0.075mm.) - (0.025mm) suggested tolerances between plate and striker. … So not essential to be able to measure so thin ,but hoped the ability might be available without big expense .

i have NEVER heard of a valve clearance that thin… what exactly are you trying to measure???

Its experimental nonsense in non engine related things think more on the lines of vane compressors and high press hydraulic . It may involve nonmetal parts so clearances can get very tight and the difference between good and bad are more precise than I really ever like to deal with . I have broke my fair share of ceramic pump parts in my time . I prefered Jabsco pumps cos they was brass and rubber and simple …like me ))))