Feel Humble !!!

Nature is just soo much better at killing than man… Great White launching itself totally out of the water… Something called " Breaching "


Holy Sea-Cow - that’s just something you can watch again and again - great find. And what an amazing documentary series too. When you see stuff like that, the license fee makes total sense

wait till you see Planet Earth in High Def… Stunning.

Working with the beeb does have some advantages.

Something you don’t see everyday for sure !

How you doing Lee? Only here from you when you’ve crashed, bought strange video gear I don’t understand, or had insurance companies throw money at you !

Mind, that’s a pretty rock’n roll life - carry on mate

Truely awesome. Think how much power it would need to completely remove itself from the sea. The thing probably weighs two tonnes. You try that next time you’re at the swimming pool!

life is pretty rock and roll right now ( if you regard Aled Jones as a rock god&nbsp , haven’t got a moment to myself… being without the bike for the summer sucks and as the bike is my muse I haven’t take a single photo or video in that time either !!!

Then again I’ve not had any spare days off in 4 weeks now… The advantage & disadvantage of contracting I guess … You get paid every day you work and don’t for every day your off… right now with the companies I’m working for there’s a load going on with trials and companies being sold off, which is all great for overtime ( except I have NO life ) …

I will be back in the fray soon have no fear… And the insurance company STILL haven’t issued the cheque for the bike … Grrrrr

That goldfish has some serious issues