Feel Good Vid


Roll on Summer :cool:

nice vid!!

but made me wanna go to Greece!! :crying:

WANT ONE!! tho i would be banned in aweek…:w00t:

this vid is kool


and this one of 990 superduke…


Question is though Ratster - Do I stop saving at £6000 and go for the 950SM or do I keep going till I hit £8500 and go for this mofo ???


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :cool:


990 0R 950 all day long…total lunacy!! teh RC8 is indeed a bad mo’fool but you would look really bad on one of the others, specially if you can stunt it up a bit!


That’s where it all goes wrong for me dude - two wheels firmly planted at this stage buddy - too old to heal quickly enough these days :smiley: