Feel Good Friday !!!

Hoping to be joining " the elite section " at some point this year once I’ve got rid of this feckin Tuono !!

Enjoy !!



m8 you dont know what you are missing;)

come join the gang:cool:



tuorno’s rock and that gang looks like a bunch of benders :w00t:

say’s the bloke who had all the gear that day N did’nt play:doze:

Thats a quality clip… thats gota of hurt at the end :w00t:

it does m8, thats what i did on billy’s bike:pinch:

haha having my nut sack cut open and bladder messed with i werent up to wobbling round at 2mph with you lot;) maybe il see ya on a proper sm trak like lydd or sumink and we can have a tear up then :D:w00t:

its ok tats you dont need to explain, we understand;)

lol if i wobbled round like you id deffo stay at home dude :wink: but your still my hero :w00t:

Mwuahahahahahaha !!

That’s why I love lurking around this section with you lads ( and lasses in some cases ) - only 8 posts inot a " feel good Friday topic and it turns into a " my handbag is bigger’n yours slanging match LOL

Tattoo - you are right the Tuono does rock but it doesn’t suit what I want / need out of biking at the moment ( plus I owe a feckin’ fortune to Black Horse for the fooker ! )

Used to run a 525EXC and should never have sold it but , hey ho , 20/20 hindsight and all that LOL

dhofty loves it dude and for the record my dads FAAAAAAAAARRRR harder then he’s ;):stuck_out_tongue: id have another tuorno if i had the cash, sweet bikes but as you say you cant beat a moto for a do it all hooligan tool. plus they better for offroading as my tuorno wasnt up to much lol:D

Too true buddy - mine don’t " do dirt " - she’s far too pretentious for that LOLWill be out with you guys soon you wait an’ see !

Oh - and my dad’s handbag’s sister is FAR bigger , uglier and has harier bolllox than any of yours LOL :wink:

harsh but true dude :P:w00t:

You lot sound like a laugh.

I may be joining you lot soon.

We’ll see what happens this weekend?

only thing funny is dhoftys riding skillz :stuck_out_tongue: hope you aint buying an lc4 dude!! :w00t: