Feedback Needed!!!!

Hey Guys 'n Girls!!

I have just finished a big web design project and need to collect some feedback to show the organisation.

Please would you take a moment to have a look at the site and then e-mail me ([email protected]) or PM me with your thoughts!

The site is…

The site is still a bit bare and the search facility is a rough as there is not much content to search, but it will get there!

Thanks for all your help guys…I owe ya one!!

Great effort…

Good Format…Easy to Navigate…Plenty of Scope for Growth

and Easy on the eye…

sweet as a nut !!

Well done…

Cheers Mate!! Exactly what I needed to hear!!

Hey man that is very good. Well done Mate

Good: No scripts (that I spotted at least) and no 3rd-party cookies. Clean and uncluttered, easy on the eye.

Bad: You have assumed people have at least a 1024px wide window. Vertical scrolling is fine, having to horiz scroll is a PITA, please make the code allows for 800px wide as a minimum without scrolling.