fed up of that "feeling conned" feeling

As previously posted, you all probably know im moving house this week…Aside from all the fees of estate agents (holding deposit, checking OUT fee before ive moved in, 6 weeks deposit) etc… In fact, they had so much fees and costs, they couldnt even add them up correctly. The total was the figure they wanted, but the rest of the figures were £200 short. It was like they worked backwards - heres the total we want the new tenant to pay, then well add all these costs to make it up.

Ive just been applying for a tv licence. Up until this stage ive lived in house shares, so the licence was covered under our bills.

What was not clearly stated on their website is that your first tv licence needs to be paid within 6 months. I was wondering why the direct debit figure was nearly £30 in the first 6 months, then £12 after that, so i sent them a wee email…

The thing thats really aggitated me about their response is they kept referring to making it more convenient, and more affordable, how do they work that out?

What wasnt made clear was that the tv licence is paid for 6months in advance, and 6months after. Fine, when its on going, but it does mean when you first set it up, you need to pay the first yr in 6months, then the next 6 mths is the following year in advance!

After my ordeal with the estate agent in the last 2 weeks its been a step too far why are we always getting conned in some way or another?!?:angry:

Unfortunately, they have you by the short and curlies. They’re all the same, TV Licence, DVLA, Insurance Companies. They know we have to use their service to stay legal so they hike the price to what they want and force you to make payments according to what they want.
Sometimes I can see why pikeys (Irish Travelers) live the way they do…they get away with so much and now the EU recognises they have human rights they’re completely untouchable.

it hasnt stopped me sending some strongly wored emails, though thats about all you can do really.

Im constantly arguing with town planners as part of the work i do, if you argue long and hard enough they usually give in, or at least let you speak to someone with authority, its just so time consuming though!

add this one to the list of people wasting their time and our money:


I wonder how many millions and man hours were spent coming up with this sound?

What really gets my goat is the estate/letting agencies charging £200 for referencing. What a ******* con, all they do is a credit check which costs them £10 and then they also take !0% of the rent from the landlords.


Although I can see your point and agree to a certain degree. Sometimes a system is in place and can’t be changed no matter how much arguing you do. I’m faced with people everyday who are obviously unhappy to pay to get their car out, but shouting at me is pointless. I can’t do anything about it and making my day crap gets them nowhere and in some cases means they won’t get served that day. Telling them to pay it and write to our HQ doesn’t help their situation and although I sympathise with that I’m afraid the only person they can blame is themselves for breaking the law in the first place.

actually, the £200, or in my case £300 is not for the credit referencing check, its a holding deposit for taking the property of the market whilst they do the credit check…

it is true, and if you did something wrong, you should not try and argue your way out of it.

I just disagree with all the people in jobs out there who overly complicate matters, all the red tape, all the delays and costs, when theres no need for it.

Get rid of the TV and save the £180 or whatever it is now - you don’t need it:)

or just dont get a tv license

to be honest i watch very little tv, little time and to much crap there anyway.

i pretty much always watch dvds

Hold onto your hats cos according to Mr George Osbournes budget, its gonna get worse !! :w00t:

wasn’t the new gov meant to abolish the TV license??

To be frank the TV peeps can’t do **** unless you grant them access and they have 100% proof you have a TV and that TV is hooked up and receiving signal.
So you can simply unlpug your aerial, make sure the TV has all channels scrambled and there is no signal and have only your DVD/Xbox/Ps hooked up. You are going the legal way since only if you receive a signal you must pay.

Now you have 4 choices:

1 grant them access to your property so they can check and see you get no signal and use your system for playback/games only.

2 you ignore them never speak to them and shut the door in their face since you are doing nothing illegal by owning a TV and using it for playback and games only. Just tell them I am not receiving any signal and never say if you do or do not own a TV, just say sorry and shut the door. There is nothing they can do except bug you. If indeed they do have detectors and if they will use them on your property they will get nothing since you won’t receive any signal just like you would use a mobile phone detector, a transmission must be active for them to get anything. A TV doesn’t give out any signals that can be detected.

3 same as above but this time you write to them and tell them you don’t want any of their enforcers coming around, tell them they are not welcome since you are not breaking the law and you are stopping their right of access to your property. The catch here is that you really need to be the owner of the property if you remove their right of access since you must own the land… then again if you pay rent I assume you own that land so in theory you are the land owner until you no longer pay. Maybe someone else can hel clarify this. They will write back and confirm that you won’t get any more visits.

4 pay for re-runs, 4 5 year old movies, **** tv, for something you don’t use and make the BBC presenters and bosses even richer than they already are.

Shall we all give up and just die? :wink:

I empathise entirely. It nearly makes my heart stop beating and the blood run cold when I think of everything we have to actually pay for just to get by in relative comfort on a day to day basis. Income tax, council tax, road tax, VAT, TV licence, line rentals, electricity, water!!! I don’t have a TV, don’t really miss it really. But to just live, I mean, survive with basic means is so hard!

You forgot the cost of food shopping !! OMD !! i cant believe the items i put back cos im saying “nah, i dont need this really”…before they just stayed in the trolley but not now. its scary when you get to the till and realise half your wages has gone on food alone !! :w00t:

one thing i havent paid yet is my income tax. its sitting nicely in my bank account making interest if im not spending it. They can wait till last day before i make them a payment.


I can’t see why the letting agent would force you to take a TV licence, unless perhaps the Landlord has supplied a TV. There is no benefit / risk to the Landlord otherwise…

The holding deposit is just that though…its not a cost per se…it’s deducted from the total payable on your move in e.g. 1 months rent + 1.5 months deposit + fees - holding fee.

reasons like this is why I stay at home with the 'rents.

sure, if I move out I’ll have independance. but that’s not much use when you can’t afford anything like going out.

also remember the landlor no longer is allowed to hold the deopsit, it goes to this 3rd party company… if the landlord or agency wants the money cash without discussing that thing you gotta contact that them, might be worth talking to someone that know.

I forgot what it it but it’s a new letting law thingy, too many people getting conned out of their deposits for silly reasons.

Oh Lord now you are sounding just like me! God, I’ll quibble over spending splashing out for a pineapple as a treat…it doesn’t form part of my daily diet…therefore I don’t need it and I ought not to spend the money!