Feckin' diesel!!

Just had the Speed Triple serviced by the excellent fellas at Tri-Moto, wasn’t 100 metres down the road when I highsided and got flipped off. I came out of a corner doing no more the 10-15 mph and the rear tyre just let go, no warning whatsoever. There are a lot of trucks and buses that use that road, so I’m pretty certain I hit a patch of diesel. The crash bung and bar end took most of the brunt as the bike slid down the road, but unfortunately it also holed the alternator cover (again!), snapped the clutch lever and ground away a good bit of the rear spindle. Bugger.

Bike’s back at Tri-Moto, who were fantastic and gave it a good checking over. Apart from a few bumps and bruises I’m ok. Adz - I sympathise with you mate!!

Be careful out there peeps!

Fkin hell mate, 3rd one today :w00t:
Glad you’re OK.

AARRRGGGHHHH ********. I had that happen in June around Parliament Sq. Bike was okay thanks to crash bungs. The guys at TriMoto are great, Les and Jason do a cracking good job every time and go out of their way to make sure things are right. Glad you got off reasonably lightly and hope your bike gets sorted quickly.

Oh my gawd not you to luvvie!:w00t: Hope your ok? wish you’d all walk to work tomorrow…actually think we’ll have a mass lb stay at home day tomorrow!:smiley:

aww dude - sorry to hear :frowning: gws bikie :crying:

Hehe, yeah, I’m fine, just a few bumps! I got off lightly alright!

bloody hell, unlucky mate, hope the bikes back on the road soon, and glad your pretty much ok

Sorry to hear this Uber mate - diesel catches you out so quickly (as i know) - can be a bit of a shock. Take it easy folks. :wink:

Noooo, not another one!

It’s good to hear you’re OK, but really sorry to hear about the bike…

arghh mate gutted for ya! hopefully your back on the road soon, take care out there at the mo i’ve had quite a few rear wheel spins too

Must have been pretty awful to have to wheel it back to the guys after you’d just taken it away. As offs go though I guess you came out on top. You can tick that off now and not have another one for a few years.

Oh toilet:crazy:

Glad you’re OK Scott, you must be getting good at replacing alternator covers now;)

If you need anything, gis a shout mate.

Please be careful out there guys:cool:

Good to hear you’re okay mate

Cheers folks! :slight_smile:

oh mate!! glad to hear you only got a couple of bruises

now what made you think impersonating Jorge was a good idea!??? :w00t:

had my rear spin and the bike snake on me yesterday coming off a roundabout in Charlton, thankfully kept it shiny side up.

Sorry to hear you didn’t.

Damn, sorry to hear this mate. Your ok so that is the most important thing, hope you have the bike back on the road soon.

glad ur ok dude, tis slippery out peeps…be carefull!

oh no! blimey not another one, eek. gload to hear your ok!

Roads are not nice at the moment. Lost the back wheels of the car on a round about whilst doing the school run yesterday.