Febuary 8th - Special Ride Out, Please Read.

A friend of mine that attended the Little Haven’s Childrens Hospice ride in December has just contacted me with this heart felt message, I was wondering if you would do me the honour of joining me - weather permitting, hope you will try and come…

"Hiya mate cheers for getting back , its a ride out for a biker who has only three months left to live his nurse got in touch with us over at www.essexbikers.co.uk anyway heres the info on that one

Hi all,
most of you will have seen my post about giving a very special biker a very special gift as his life draws to a close.
I would like everyone who can to put their names down for Dean’s last ride out.
We have got a trike now that is suitable thanks to ****ed and Confused MCC and Kauturi MCC .
We also have a date.

Sunday 8th of February

Start at : Wild Hart Pub in Little Waltham Chelmsford
meet at : 10.00
leave at : 11.00
Destination: A 127 Diner

we got marshalling sorted and music

Please come and make it a memorable day for all and help celebrate his life with him.
Thank you all,
Ann x

Update for all: Address and postcode of teh White Hart:
107 The Street, Little Waltham, Chelsmford, CM3 3NY"
:cool::cool::cool:Anyone coming that would like to meet before hand - Please suggest a time and place thank you.:cool::cool::cool:

count me in mate and its posted on the CBC website aswell

if i can get the day off work count me in…

i’ll let you know by the end of the week…

I’ll be there, coming off nights so be heading out to Essex from Islington way if anyone wants company on the way?:slight_smile:

It’s on, meeting at Thurrock Services 09:00,

Thanks, see other post in the rides section for more details.

Mike aka B-man