Featuerd-Bike: Michael Rutter's NW200 1098R Ducati

Da Artist has been flourishing as a photographer lately, and as he’s always had an eye for exceptional bikes, we thought we’d ask him if he wanted to manage the Featured-Bikes category within the galleries, and he accepted! Here’s his first gallery.

The Featured-Bikes category was always intended to be a place for us to document exceptional bikes we come across, but we’ve not had the man-power before now to make it happen regularly. Now we have as Da Artist (Clinton) has taken up the challenge and has hit home with his first one of British Superbikes Michael Rutter’s bike. The gallery was shot at Mallory Park (see the recent Snetterton pre-season testing event as well).

Enjoy the gallery bike fans!

Michael Rutter’s NW200 1098R Ducati

Pisssst it was at Mallory Park on the 26th :wink:

Hope you ALL enjoy it, another quick thanks goes out to Sian Mullen as she is the reason I started using a camera shes also my teacher and its not as easy as it may look.

Check out her flickr when you have time: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mij80/

’ Artist

ooo i want them leathers, my surnames rutter too…wonder if im related to him somehow?? :ermm: imagine that!

p.s good pics :slight_smile:

Damn, sorry for the mix-up :slight_smile:

Great photos DA!

Lovin’ the photos man, give us da exotic stuff!

Elad: Thanks dude, to beat this im gonna have to give Rossi & Stoner a call and get them to bring there 08 bikes around to my house when there in the UK next.