FCR.....Friday 27th may

Leaving the Polish War Memorial, by the A40, Ruislip turn off… At 7.30pmProb be bout 80 miles round trip

Stopping off at Jacks in Bagshot, for fish & chips on way back.

Who’s up for it ?


Sorry, not me… I’ll be in germany:D but I got a funny feeling you already new that…did’nt you:hehe::hehe:

also cant make this, would liked to have seen [ www.thewannabestuntersrus.com ] in action,

same time same place next week ?

sorry will be heading up to sunny frinton on sea :smiley:

Without trying to be too much of a n00b, but what’s the FCR?

and is it in the supermoto section for any particular reason? :smiley:

Will try to put bike together in time and do that Route #10.

Its a bit like the BCR, but happens on a friday and dont involve breakfast :slight_smile:

:cool: Be good to see ya

@ AndyP & RetchingRob…have you 2 got lost :smiley:

Seeing as no ones put there name down for this,

We are now Leaving from the Polish War Memorial, on the A40, Ruislip turn off… At 7.30pm.


Dear Terry Moto

Is this ride going to be a free for all. Or run under the strict group riding technical guidelines. :slight_smile:

I’m not around on Friday, but I will try to make one of these.

BTW. Do you know what the mirror is, and how precisely is it mounted? I’ve been looking for something to use on my 520.

Aint got a clue what it is, no name anywhere…JasonB’s doing some homework to get one, if He has any luck I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

This is a SM ride, not one of RiotingRobs jolly’s to get some shopping :smiley:

Hmmm enjoy, you dark horse :smiley:

Thanks for showing me the roads in your neck of the woods :wink:

Great ride out!
Even more interesting on the way back, when you can not see anything :w00t:

Ang, do you get your pop socks there aswell ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still grinning Mate :cool:

Bit of fun swapping bikes, think Jason has got the SM bug :slight_smile:

We’ll do another soon, I can see why you Guy’s love your Moto’s…Top Buzz :cool:

I like the sound of this, will try and get on to next one if I can.Mariusz - do us a favour and drop me a text next time one of these comes up would you? Cheers mate :wink: