FCR.....friday 1st July

Leaving the Polish War Memorial, by the A40, Ruislip turn off… At 7.30pm Prob be bout 80 miles round trip

Stopping off at Jacks in Bagshot, for fish & chips on way back.

Who’s up for it ?

Borrox bike was sorted till I found fork leak :frowning: I’ll be back out Sunday tho:cool: how was the smc going France?

Thats a shame Mate :frowning:

We will be doing the FCR often :slight_smile:

Bike was brilliant, never missed a beat :slight_smile:

Was hard going on the M20 there and back, but stuck to bout 70mph, a lot of the time standing up :smiley:

Once over in France it was cool, most of the roads we done were twistie’s, so the sm had no probs, and TDJ sorted out fuel stops quite regular for me :cool:

Defo wont do it again in 1 day, but would love to do it again over a few days and camp, the roads out there were brilliant :slight_smile:

I’d love to join you Tel but by 7.30 tomorrow evening I’ll be in Lyon, en route to Nimes. Not a bike trip sadly. Back in a couple of weeks. Have a good time y’all :cool:

I hope you’ll be coming out on the original BCR this Sunday :slight_smile:

I like to do my bit for Help the aged. :smiley:

It was funny when we had done 71 miles and were outside what we thought was an abandoned petrol garage only to find it was still open. :smiley:



Most probably I would not make it today, so be good to see you on Sunday :slight_smile:

So T-M, does East meet West on Sunday?:cool:

Sorry Guy’s, I’ve got something thats been planned for this sunday, I’ve tried to swerve it, but cant :crying:

I’ll defo be at the next one :slight_smile:

What about your co-conspirator MrB?

Bunny Hop has His ballet lessons this sunday, but say’s He’s up for the next one :slight_smile: