I’d like to do this too - it would be great to be of some use if someone is hurt.

I’d be interested in this, I’ll keep an eye on the thread for any updates, cheers! :slight_smile:

oooo i wanna do this :smiley:

Haha, maybe a bit short notice Dave :stuck_out_tongue:

Was gonna post up anyway to say that I’ve not heard anything about FBOS yet but I am going to look more into the St Johns Ambulance course which is similar but the certificate lats 3 years instead of 2, will keep you all posted :slight_smile:

yes that sounds like it may be a good course to do also.:slight_smile:

done it 2 years ago so need to re do to refresh my little brain. im up for this tiggi

I did mine at UCL. I can’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t very expensive. It’s completely bike focused and you learn what to do between when something bad has happened and the ambulance arrives. (So would have been ideal for the Norfolk incident, I was about 23rd bike on the scene that day though). It doesn’t deal with anything like cuts and grazes or anything like that, just the serious stuff. We learned from paramedics who had to deal with such incidents on a daily basis.

Other than being informative the day was a total riot. It was about 90% practical and a lot of fun. I’d recommend it to anyone.

It was £55 Joby.

You had such fun on the day as we were there with you:)

Would be up for this, and maybe a first aid course as well.

I’d be up for this too if it goes ahead.

I was planning on doing an advanced 1st aid course as well Kevsta :slight_smile:


There is a no high viz rule on the day though Kev you sure you still want to come?