Well, after witnessing the horrible accident on the Norfolk ride out on Sunday I have been thinking even more about doing a first aid course, I know some people on here have done the FBOS course and just wanted some more info about it, where do they run them? how much? how long is the course? all that kind of stuff.

I know Westie is keen to do it as well, let me know if any more of you want to do it as well :slight_smile:

Talk to el Ginger…he sorted out the last one, it was up in Oxford, very well worth it. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve just sent him a text :slight_smile:

PM the guy on here called Stem - he organises them at UCL - we did ours there on a Sunday.

I would like to do this as well

Thanks Jetsream, Grim just pm’d me the same info, will pm Stem now.Will keep you in the loop Loopy :slight_smile:

I want to do one of these as well.

Could you please include me tiggi??

Thanks Tiggi :slight_smile:

And me please

I have been meaning to do one again as it has been since I did one last - so if one is being organised I would possibly be interested.

Ok, I have pm’d Stem, will keep you all posted :slight_smile:


Put my name down for this one straight away I’m keen to do one of these

Stem has sent me a PM back to say that there is a meeting in a few weeks time regarding the FBOS courses, he will keep us posted once something has been organised :slight_smile:

Tiggi thanks very much - will look out for it

I really want to do this as well. Let me know if you have any luck organising it.

Put me down for it too.

Last one I’ve done wassome 15 years ago so I could do with a refresher…

Hope my name is on your list :wink: oh and davedebbie2008

thanx dawn and ricky i will look forward to doing the course.

i done my 1st aid course at st johns ambulance i remember them telling me they had a bike course there for one day i think for around 30quid i will find out its in aylesbury

im off this weekend i wonder if we could arrange a course for then?:slight_smile: