I’m going to look into organising these.BS first (I’m waiting on a response for times, dates, availability)…

This will be “The Warren” if you are interested let me know (note: you will need to live, work or go to college in the borough of Bromley on this one (that is what the website says).

Going to look into the FBOS as well, havn’t started looking into this yet though so will get somemore info on this.

I am very interested in FBOS and would like to it asap


Carl, stick me down please. Can you PM details I work in Bromley and have used the Warren many times. :smiley:

For those that don’t know, First Biker On Scene & Bike Safe (I assume :wink: )

Buy my bike kit, it’s recommended by The Met! hehe

What’s that then? Wanna share said details?

What’s that then? Wanna share said details?



(ok, it’s not really Met approved, but at least I got someone’s attention :wink: )

D’oh :w00t: I thought you meant FBOS kit! haha :smiley:

hehe, sorry, just marketing scam :wink:

Hello allCan I just add that if you live or work in the Borough of Sutton the council have paid for 90 BikeSafe days and there are still lots left. Westminster may be the same but I will need to check to see if there are any places left.It’s good to see the local councils taking motorcycle safety seriously and putting some money into it.RegardsMick---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for this is good to know. Unfortunately I neither work nor live in these ones but good for other LB’ers As an UPDATE though I’m talking to the Met about “the Warren” and dates for next month.At current there is a discount for 2 people booking together however this will be ending soon so please let me know if your interested

I’m in! I work in Bromley :slight_smile:

This thread has gone a bit quiet.

I am writing on here as a blatent attempt to drum up business - sorry.:slight_smile:


Are there any dates for the North London Bikesafe available?
I spoke to the guys at the booking company and they told me that there’s no courses running until at least May as they’ve all been cancelled!

I am surprised by this but we have just changed our booking agents.

Have a look here for the latest and most up to date info on our available dates.


Just click on the ‘Book a Workshop’ banner for a full list.

Any problems drop me an email. If there is enough interest I can release more date to accomodate a group booking.


Me and my boyfriend want to do BS, Ive done it, he hasnt but we are only free in June and none of the Met ones seems to go beyond end May.


Your right. We don’t release dates too far in advance and we try to release dates after the current ones have been filled.

But here is some inside information, I will be releasing June dates in the next week or so. Keep an eye on our website.