FB Page for Trackdays and Racers

Well I started this ages ago for some of my mates, but I thought it might be useful again as when I’m at the track I tend to check FB but not forums, so we could post on it garage numbers etc when meeting up… Plus most people have a FB app. The page could be used to met up on track days, test days and race meets. Also to avoid any more thefts going on by being in numbers and with people we trust.Everyone is welcome as its not forum specific, class, club etc.I’ve already put post up on Trackdayriders with people joining.

It is a good idea, but I don’t do facebook.

hey ryan mate i think the link is wrong.

Copied and pasted from another forum :frowning:

Given we have a trackday forum here do we need a facebook page for it?

As the OP stated its not forum specific, its geared just round people when they are at the track, so its not copied and pasted from another forum and its an offering not a debate whether its needed or not.

From what I can see from the LB posts in the trackdays section most people from LB only get to Brands, Snetterton and Bedford for various reason, now if they did do a day a little further they could meet up with people from TDA FB, being in numbers not only protectors you stuff (lots of things going missing at TD nows), also if someone has an off someone will get their stuff sorted it needed.




Clearly it is copied and pasted from another forum, there is almost no way that link in the OP can’t have been copied from another forum…

I put the post up on a couple of forums I’m on, what does it matter??? Don’t join it if its a issue. Its my FB page so I didn’t copy and paste it, I posted it on different forums as its not forum specific!!!.

It mattered because it meant the link didn’t work, which was a rather important part of the post I thought…

Yea Kaos, good idea but we don`t do trackdays as they are so dangerous.:w00t:

Or facebook as it`s so intrusive.:crazy:

why didn’t you just say the link doesn’t work then??

Wow, this is hard work. Look at post 3, someone said the link didn’t work, I replied in post 4 it was because it was copied and pasted from another forum…