fazers return!!

i got a call today from Plantec, they have told me shes all ready!!!, shes had all her panels done, and a set of new scorpions fitted, and they are gonna valet her and get her looking swish!, she should be back to me within 7 days!!! i cant wait!!!

Great news mate!

Can’t wait to see you back on the bike!

fantastic! Great news - be good to see you back on her again :slight_smile:


i know, its gonna be great! ive got some more bling to fit on her too! xxx

Thats good news

Great news buddy, it will be christmas morning all over again when you get her back.

great news westie…im soo pleased for you mate…

cant wait to see you on her again…!!!..gonna be topps!!

speak soon mate

chuffed smiled.

Nice one mate, she’ll be sounding sweet…and looking bling… now you just have to ride her properly…

Good news indeedy

shut it you tart! hehe thankyou mr!, yes i am almost going mad with excitement!!!, i keep dancing around the room

YAY!! nice one baby xxxxx

thankyou all!, i shall hopefully get her back intime for next weeks wed meet!

Nice one Westie

I am really really pleased for you sweetie - its about time you had something to look forward to

Nevermind mate, you knew you’d have to have her back eventually!!! Only joking buddy, glad to hear you finally getting her back… only another 7 days for the Suzuki electrics to hold up!

hehe, i got worried last night, cos i pulled over to fill up and she didnt want to fire up, but she seems ok now (suzuki that is) i soooo cant wait!!!, cant wait to pull those baffles out of my brand new cans!!!

that’s wicked news!! It’ll be lovely to see you back on a Yamaha

keep the suzuki.let them keep the fazer…only jokeing.good news

Great news, you can get rid of that wonderful SV!

Nice one honey! Can’t wait to see her with the new bling as well