Favourite Playgrounds

We probably all have one or more. I was down at one of mine last weekend and was shocked to see that someone had died. There were lots of flowers adorning one of the roundabouts. I do not know details and am not going to speculate. What I do know is that it was a Suzuki Rider, judging by the flowers at the scene a father and a lover of JD. I know that its been nice and dry recently, most of us are getting out on the bikes and confidence is high. Please be careful, things do happen when you are not expecting them.

The crash happened on a roundabout on Horton Lane in West Ewell. No doubt many of you will know it. If you don’t, see http://www.chuffster.co.uk/phpBB2/vids/roundaboutnight.html.

it does bring it home, we all get too confident when the sun shines., take care everyone.

barro has some favourite playgrounds but unfortunatley due to the 1 mile exclusion zone and the court imposed injunction he can no longer “play”

Mothers across the city breath easier tho

Whoever he was … RIP mate.

Chuffster, top vid.


I know that route very well, used to live in Tadworth ‘Watermead’, nice vid Chuffster

Small world, I based based just round the corner from there, just of Prestons Lane.

RIP fella take care.


Remember this when on your favorite roads :“Familiarity breeds contempt…”

Not much in the local rag http://www.epsomguardian.co.uk/search/display.var.793014.0.crash_kills_motorbiker.php

I know it well down there and often detour that way for a bit of “fun” myself, taking the long way home.

Thoughts to his family/friends

Cheers for posting that Barry. Looks like somewhere to avoid for a while if they are going to study traffic flow.