Favourite pants.

Well favourite pants?

I`m a Sloggi officianado, but Mrs J prefers anything lacy but comfortable.

In my opinion, pants should be washable and servicable.:stuck_out_tongue:

We have friends who mourn the demise of Janet Reiger.

I sometimes wish I had friends who shopped on Bravissimo on line.:unsure:

anything that keeps things in the right place


My oh my, you two must be very bored tonight to be posting about favourite pants!!! :smiley:

Don`t be shy, what are yours?:smiley:

I can’t believe I’m telling everyone what pants I wear, but as you’re forcing me to…

I prefer comfortable Marks & Spencers pants - not very sexy, but it’s all about comfort!!! :P:hehe:


obviously I look better than this fatty does :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried the new “Black Lace” range?Only availlable as yet at M&S exclusive stores like the one on the Ramblas in Barcellona.:wink:

Er, no I haven’t!! :w00t:

Don’t worry, he’s only posted this because he forgot his swimming trunks and thinks he may have to go in the sea in his nicks tomorrow, he doesn’t want to be shown up if LBs usually wear anything super-fancy:D:D

Jeeze! I came in here thinking I was gonna get some good advice on leathers, & It’s actually about pants! :rolleyes: & not even girls pants!

MY CHOICE OF PANTS is for your delectation only. Mrs J only sees my workaday pants.:smiley:

As I can`t afford premium pants, looks as if the run to the sea will be naked after a quick oiling.:slight_smile:

We`ve packed a can of chin lube and some WD 40 for highlighting.:w00t:

Primarni all the way apart from special occasions when I’ll see what’s on offer at TK Maxx:)

But to be honest, you can’t beat a pair of the old army issue long johns or pants cold weather in army speak! I wear mine all the time!:smiley:

My Superman figure hugging trunks are my favourites, unless I’m wearing my Kilt !!

Years go when I was riding biks I ALWAYS wore a pair of Red boxers over the top of my onee piece leathers… is that to much info??

Who says you dont :wink:

I don’t wear pants. I wear a towl with a big pin in the side

Not tried Pampers yet??:cool:

Na I’m Old SkOOl:smooooth:

ive got lots of great pants, all colours etc, ck`s, sloggi,armarni,aussiebums ertc… i usually prefer whats in them:D