Favourite day of the week?

There can be only one!

I like Fridays - the anticipation of the weekend (and often a track day for me when not) and I know Ive got two days left before I have to go to work again! :smiley:

What’s yours and why!?

I like Thursdays, the feeling of just one more day before the weekend if that makes sense :smiley:

Definitely Saturday, sleeping late and the knowledge I don’t have to go to work Sunday, bliss.

Saturday for me. I know I can lie in bed for 30 seconds longer, makes all the difference.

Thursday for me - I like looking forward to the weekend, too.

what he said! :smiley:

i like wednesdays cause it’s hump day the middle of the week:P plus i get to see most of your ugly mugs;)

who said monday?? and why?? :w00t:

maybe there illegal immigrants…that’s probably they can pick up there benefits? spend the rest of the week in front of the tv?

I like Fridays, becaus i have stay up late and be naughty…:stuck_out_tongue:

you have to do you???:w00t:

So who’s humping while you are at Borough?;):P:D


I work 4 on 4 off so can’t really pin it to one day. I like my first, second and third days off, hate the last cos I know I’m back to work the following day.

My favourite shift is when I’m off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! :smiley:

Just how naughty can an angel be ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Working earlies lates and nights everyday is the same to me:angry:

Friday for me as I can have a well-deserved lie in on a Saturday. :slight_smile:

Speaking from my previous ‘employed self’ it was always Thursdays for me, Friday was always a bit of a chilled out day in the office coz everyone knew the weekend was coming :slight_smile:

+1 Defo, i thought Sat would be getting more votes

Sundays because it belongs to me