Fav bike / bit of kit from NEC ?

07 Blade red/white/black

AP Racing front brakes

ktm 990 superduke or r6

New ZX6 in orange.

With a full blueflame system.

KTM 990 Adventurer in sparkly orange paint and the S version in Blue…

And so much more!

Speed triple, with the arrow race exhaust, liked it so much I even booked a test ride

Second vote for the red and white Blade. Ooh it’s got gold wheels!

It was the only bike at the show that really made me go ‘want one’, and I don’t even like Hondas.

I’ll reserve judgment till Thursday, when I go.

can’t wait!

Ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto …and DITTOOOOOOOOO

Having not had the pleasure apart from the fantastic gallery … my choice is the Kawasaki and Devitt Girls !

I’ll get my coat !

Ok ok, the new Blade does it for me !

the devitt girls are very high up the list but I’d have to go with the Hein Gerike girls… pics coming soon… but bike wise loved the BMW GS (no surprise)

but i liked the 650 more than the 1200 - but for reality sake I quite liked the new Tiger, and loved the CBF1000 but neither of those are really new…

Also it was so loud there I had to use a radio to speak to Patrick

Hello Alpha Charlie, Alpha Charlie…Foxtrot Oscar…


did u see the girl on the victory stand very nice

might have done… might have done…

O…Kay…so whats wrong with her ELBOWS?? funny shape? doublejointed? Guess the guys are not actually THAT bothered that she has disfigured elbows?..cos they seem to be looking a tad lower???

She was sweet and like me, has double jointed elbows. That fact didn’t impress tho, oddly enough.

ive yet to go, so Sunday it is!!! looking forward to seeing the new bmw f800 st, and the r1200s.

must not spend money, must not spend money!

Westie, get a (heated) grip man, those BM’s are ugly and pointless (opinion dear reader, opinion). Go gawp at the choppers on Carole Nash stand or better still the lovely Blades. Mmmm.

Well he WONT be looking at the dis-jointed elbows women thats for sure…hee hee

LOL had been looking at that picture for a while and hadnt noticed that

I go this Saturday and I shall not leave the orange ZX6 alone!