Faux pas?

if no one is going to use it go for it:)

DesmoMan (09/05/2011)

It is irritating yes.
But what does drive me criminally insane, to the point of psychotic, are the people who fill with petrol and then do their weeks food shopping… before paying for the petrol and moving the F@@@ out of the way…grrr


I see too many that don’t even fuel up , they park at the pumps though !

depends i s’pose,

if the car blantantly is on the wrong side of the pumpfor their car, ofanother car is stopping them getting the pump, then yeh…i que jump:D

I’ll always try and be nice and not jump the queue but as said above if a pump is sitting there empty and people can’t get to it then I’ll have it !

I’ve never had abuse over it apart from a couple of filthy looks - just smiled back and no other reaction but then again I’m not a tiny bloke / Girl !

Ahhhh this old chestnut.

Recently pulled into a petrol garage that was queuing down the road, a car had positioned himself across the middle of two pumps but couldn’t go anywhere and the pump in front was completely clear, so I went round and started putting fuel in.

He got out shouting his head off - wrong thing to do! I carried on filling trying to explain he was at fault by blocking the entrance to the pumps and by time I had filled and moved I’d still be done quicker than the guy paying in front. He carried on and when the hand came up someone else stepped in and picked him up and put him back in his drivers seat :smiley: Quite a few drivers gave the thumbs up as they were p1ssed off with him too.

If a pump is clear and the entrance to it blocked then I will definitely go round and fill up, after all that’s what bikes are for…filtering :D:hehe: