Faux pas?

Is it a serious faux pas to queue jump at the petrol station?

Considering that some cars decide to move along to wait for other ranks therefore not being able to manouvere to certain pumps or even fit in the space left by other motorists.

Lets say I would beat you with a baseball bat if you did infront of me!

Its a British thing to Que, unless I am in a hurry then I would jump past anyone waiting hahahaha

if the cars can’t get in and you can then FAIR GAME I say :slight_smile:

Jealousy makes them nasty :D:P

Cars will tend to stick behind cars because they can only put fuel on left/ right… If they commit themselves to a fuel pump, and another comes free, I will jump in…

If a front pump comes free while the rear one is being used and blocking queuing cars, then go for it.

id agree with him.

people have no patience though, and expect some abuse at the fact that you ride something that gives you the advantage on making better progress than they can :w00t:

I would say if the car driver has got into a position where they cannot move to another pump and have to wait… and a space becomes available then its ok.

But if you are queue jumping and the car waiting longer than you could have and wanted to move then its a no no :slight_smile:

yep i do that all the time and no problems yet

But why do people fill up with petrol then wander into the shop area (if there is one) to do their weekly shopping and have a long conversation on the phone about whether it is chocolate flavoured crisps they should be getting, then have 15 lucky dips in a row at the Lottery machine. When they get back to the car all the tyres are flat, the battery is dead and it has weeds growing out of the bonnet because it’s been standing so long.
Jump the queue get ahead of em!

Aside from shoppers using garages my particular bug bear are people who go out and only put £10 of petrol in the car…:crazy:

Why does it bother you that they only put £10 in?

I get in there too, no point watching them daudling along!! I do move outta the way if it’s busy too after fueling, hopefully gaining a bit more respect for motorbikes that way.

It is irritating yes.
But what does drive me criminally insane, to the point of psychotic, are the people who fill with petrol and then do their weeks food shopping… before paying for the petrol and moving the F@@@ out of the way…grrr


A few of the petrol stations round where i live have signs up saying that they only authorise one sale at a time, so there is no point moving your bike/car… i know some of them do 2 though. Its having to take your lid off that bugs me, again not all but enough do :crazy:

I was in a bit of a hurry one day trying to get to box hill for a rideout and this woman had stopped in the pump… after waiting on my bike for about 5mins (no other pumps were available!) and noticing a passenger on the passenger seat I pull my bike really tight against her car ( a jeep with one of those trunk doors that opens sideways) and managed to get the hose to where the bike was. She (mid40s very posh but stuck-up - typical spoilt surrey wive) then came out with her shopping and strolled to the boot and very moodily asked me to move back. I told her (after moving back a bit): “next time try moving your car so that others can use the pumps” and she started having a got at me for being rude… I lost it there and may have accidentally called her a word beginning with f followed by a word beginning with c… Her face simply changed colours :smiley:

About the helmet - only asked twice - once I left without filling up and the other I had no option as it was on the services on the M40 and I was on empty! I see why they do it but it still annoys me!

I have gone to the effort of passing my motorcycle license and therefor have the right to jump queues while on it. I jump to the front of the traffic and to the pump.

I will fill my bike up and then move it to free the pump for the next person though.

Hmmn. I’d probably be pissed off if I was waiting in a car, just because when the one at the back does eventually leave, two cars can then get in. That second car will now be waiting for you, unless you’ve an itty bitty tank / roll it off the forecourt before the blocker leaves.

That said, I do it on the bike all the time :smiley:

If it’s really busy and I can use the furthest pump blocked by a car, then I go ahead and use it then move the bike aside so a car can use it once the nearest pump has become unblocked.Pumps these days have a clever system of enabling the next person to use it even though the previous user hasn’t paid for theirs yet.If you move your bike straight after filling, you’re not actually pushing in at all. You’re just making the whole thing work more efficiently.Just be sure to make a mental note of the cost of the petrol you put in, otherwise you might end up paying for someone else’s :hehe:

yeah I jump in too. never heard any trouble from it.

as long as you leave enough room to the side for the person behind you to get away then there’s no harm

Perk of being on a bike, cut through the queue and go to the pumps they cannot reach.