Faulty TomTom Rider Faulty TomTom Rider Faulty TomTom Rider

Yes its faulty it dont turn on it just sits there doin feck all thats why its faulty comes with cradle and cable and sd card £60. Cba with it no offers please.

Have you charged it then hit the reset button in the card compartment?

If that doesn’t work, does it appear as a drive when connected to a PC by USB?

If not, is the battery faulty or is it connected? Check the connections takes seconds. There is a youtube video on opening the case and replacing the battery.

You probably need a security torx bit to undo the screws.


A new battery probably costs less than £10.


I’m also selling some old broken shite.

£90 no offers


To the first reply i have no clue how to fix it if i did i would keep it.
Was quoted £50 to repair it by a place in west London.

Good for you mate all the best.

If it is the place in Acton opposite the park run by Poles they are very good and fixed my 740 a couple of years back when the screen broke. £50 to get a Satnav fixed that is worth about £180 second hand if working seems a good deal.

Does it come with the activation codes or whatever for the maps?

All i have is the unit the cradle the power lead and the map sd card thats it!
Do you have the address for that place in Acton? May take a ride over and see them :wink:


Phone them tomorrow when they are open arrange a while you wait check to see if they can do anything. I went round on a Saturday and they replaced the screen there and then. Cost £90 for a wide screen Satnav but came with a warranty. If your problem is a simple power problem (battery, cable or solder) I doubt it will cost that much.

£90 for a screen change… Just buy another.

It was one year old and a replacement to the same spec, maps etc would have cost nearly £300.

Thanks for the help will be calling them tomorrow think its the same place though lol.

I’ll take it mate! I’m always after broken shite! where can i pick it up from?