Fathers day

Happy fathers day to all you dad’s out there.

cheers john!!:D…right back at ya…;)…

look what i got for a prezzy…

Awwww…Daddy’s little Hooligan…reading the Hooligan’s Bible…!!!:D…


Aawwww bless. I better send my Dad a text…that’s all he deserves at the mo with the way he’s treating my Mum. :angry:

Cheers John :wink: pass it on :slight_smile:

Was my first Father’s Day as a Dad :smiley:

Got a lovely professional print of the boy, some other photos of him, a mug, a photoframe that says “Super Dad”, a card and most importantly - lots of smiles and cuddles :smiley:

Happy fathers day lads, I hope you all get spoiled.:smiley:

and good memories to people who haven’t got fathers with them today :slight_smile: