Father christmas turned up early

Thought I’d tell you lot aswel,

Father Christmas turned up early for me :smiley:

a size comparison for you

but it appears the silly old man lost the baffle on the way :Whistling::hehe:

should help the V-twin roar :smiley:

ooo very nice, bet it will sound great

Wicked, that will sound cool :w00t:

Hope you got a pair of earplugs for that !

Nice! At least you’re not naked in the reflection like some have done :slight_smile:

" … but it appears the silly old man lost the baffle on the way "

Good excuse to use in case you’re pulled up about it!:slight_smile:

Hello mate!~
I see a pattern occurring here from gixerjunkies.com

Very cool mate.

Someone must have had to be a very good boy to get that for Christmas! Looks awesome.

I’m rather concerned as to why you take it to bed with you:w00t:

Are all the buttons on it to adjust the sound or what?;):smiley:

That thought was going through my mind as well.

ooooooooh BLING!!! Tis for an SV no?

i likes!:D:D imgagine a bigger Vee…with two of them either side:D:w00t::w00t::smiley:

someone had to say it, and if i was to of put money on it, it would of been on you chunky :D:P

Tis for an SV, and it’s about time you sorted a set for the thou is it not? :D:cool:
Go on treat yourself it’s christmas. :hehe:

and yer phantomgixer lol, well i did say might aswel show the lot on here :wink: