Fatality on the B1057

Now I don’t usually post this kinda stuff up, but I know a few of us here are familiar with that piece of road…


RIP fella :frowning:

RIP fella

RIP :frowning:

them roads have claimed a few this year, and peopel wonder why BCR regulars insist on tellin peopel that havent rode them roads to go easy…

There’s gonna be a crack down on that road soon…


wich is why i have found new playgrounds…

the helicopter will be up more often, more bike patrols in the NSL’s too i think.

About 300yrs ago I used to have that road almost to myself, then someone flagged it up in a British Favourite Roads feature!:angry:

So that was you going the other way, i thought i recognised the “Riot” now i know why :wink:

RIP and Forever Ride Free.

“died when his bike struck a tree”

Those trees that start to cross the road and then freeze in the headlights are a bitch.

RIP, mate. And for the rest of you, try and avoid the trees.

It costs far too much money to put up a chopper just for speeding,it would not be a cost effective use of a very expensive resource.On the way to and from another use the helicopter can be used for this,however speeding will never be a priority for its use.Much cheaper to put up road signs saying that it will happen!!!

so the blue heli wit yellow under belly and POLICE down tyhe side the came down real low and st along sdie me and a mate for a mionute or two wasnt speed checking us??

if the fatalitie numbers rise i wouldnt bet against them using it, i know if three riders that did get clocked, all three were done for offences, they was well over a ton in NSL, chopper clocked them and a car appeared when they stopped.

either way i think i’'l go play elsewhere for while

ooh! thats cold,im sure he wouldve appreciated it tho. r i p dude

Bless your soul dude :ermm:

Nah PJ, That Bike was still being raced in Italy back then! Plus I didn’t see ‘The Light’ until 1994 when I got my first proper smoto, so I was still doing it like this!:blush:



I’m not sure you’re reading it properly,what I said was that speeding will never be a priority for the use of the helicopter,now and again it will be used but if a more necessary use pops up it will go to that.

Got to watch out for that paranoia,otherwise you’ll never leave your house:w00t:

Yeah, the joke about the trees probably was a bit sick. Err, sorry?

A lot of people ride and drive the Dunmow, Finchingfield, Bumpstead road fast and only a very few of them end up hitting trees so you have to wonder what happened and if there is anything to learn from it, especially if you know that road and have ridden it fast yourself. Was it an unforced error? Did they put themselves in some situation where there was no escape route? 6:15pm on a monday, 42 year old on a red and white Yamaha (R1?). Maybe he was trying to get his knee down and met the commuter BMW SUV overtaking the tractor?

The only really dangerous behaviour I see round there is always the same thing; dodgy overtakes from the people at the rear of a group. You know the situation. There’s a short straight so the first person overtakes, no problem. The second one overtakes and it’s getting a bit short of space. The third person overtakes and it’s now properly sketchy. They’re on the wrong side of the road approaching a blind right hand bend with a car on their left. So they have to hope there’s nothing coming, and go from wide open to pulling in tight on the car and then jamming their brakes on and then immediately swing the other way to take the corner perhaps a bit faster than they meant to. When you’re the 4th person, or following in a car or in the car being overtaken, you find yourself shutting your eyes and going “NO, NOT NOW!”. Even more so when it’s your son who just did that (and yes, he got an ear full later).

The Essex Bikesafe Killed and Seriously Injured statistics page is always interesting.

So far this year 35 out of the 99 cases have involved no one other than the motorcycle - the largest single cause.

GORD! RIP, thoughts to family & friends.I rode down there less than an hr before that happened!!! Lovely afternoon. Bloody sand in the middle of the road on the B1053 - put me into other lane on a bend!

As for the biggest risk being the back man keeping up, true, but thats a risk you don’t have to take. I think the big risk down those roads is whats round the corner.

On a nicer note. Thanks to the dude that thumbsed up me to check I was OK when I’d stopped for a heat wave stretch break. :slight_smile:

Interesting spread of engine sizes too. Female to male ratio :frowning:

I looked at the link and was suprised the deaths in age range 40 something were as high as 20 somthing! I’ve heard elsewhere that death rate decreases with ageAs for sex, wouldn’t it be sexist to put such a report up ? :stuck_out_tongue: