fatal yesterday - anyone know anything?

sorry to post this sort of stuff on here but here goes.

a friend from work was killed on his way in yesterday, late afternoon/early evening time somewhere between waltham abbey and central london. Im not that familiar with probable routes from that neck of the woods, possibly M11/A12.

I have been googling and checking BBC for any reports but drawn a blank, so probably a massive massive unliklihood, but if anyone knows anything, or spots anything on the news can you let me know please. The company I work for isnt that great at passing on info, and I didnt know his family so would be grateful for anything that might explain why. I think the weather was crap at that time and may be the cause??



Sorry, but I’ve not seen anything. But riding that way last night myself, I can say for sure that riding conditions were atrocious on the M11 with lots of spray.

Passed this onto a m8 in the know and this is all he could find: There was someone killed on a bike yesterday in Epping. I think where the A104 meets the A121.

he said look at local news but he will look into it tomorrow/when he gets chance, he deals with fatalities/bike crash hotspots etc for tfl.

ok cheers for that guys

I don’t have info, but I hope he RIP and forever rides free. My thoughts go to all his family and friends.


Not sure if this post has anything to do with it, the info was sketchy as some say he was sitting up, others say he was covered in coats. Looking at the route it could be the same and the date coincides with what you say.

No, that was in the morning and quite a way off from one of the posts above which says it was Epping area.

Hello matehere’s a link with info on Mondays fatal,


ride safe everyone,


Very close to home, RIP to the fella :frowning:

My route as well

:frowning: RIP



a route of mine, done many times…close to home too.

RIP Fellow Biker :frowning:

thanks for the info peeps, michael i think thats the one. cheers.

He’s the man!:smiley: