Faster: the MotoGP movie

i downloaded this last night and it was absolute top shelf!!!..
i recommend it fully!!!:D.


Nice find there Shane. Old but hadn’t seen it before.
If you’re looking for more biking content, BBC iPlayer has a tribute to Joey Dunlop and 3 shows on the recent North West 200 as well. A Preview and the races from the 2 days…

Ah, sun, beer, biking on the box, all I need now is a fine woman to … (censored) … with a goose smothered in lard and stuffed up… (censored)… attached to a pair of high voltage batteries and dynamo with a throbbing… (censored) … but the fruit was still dripping when she said, ONLY AFTERWARDS you pervert! :smiley:

I read that they’re making a new Faster movie, apparently filming starts this weekend at Le Mans :w00t:

I think I just dirtied my draws… may I be excused?