Fast Car: Jet Engine Powered!

This one might prove a challange for a lot of bikes! I’d sure like to see it go. There’s a video of it on the following site:

Thats pretty impressive, although the bike would muller it off the line as jet cars always take a good while to get going but once it starts going bye bye bike

Dunno, depends what tyres he’s running, I bet those normal road tyres wouldn’t be able to handle 160mph+. I’d like to give him a run for his money. Would have to put stock gearing back on though Also, he’d have suspension troubles no doubt!

Uterly Mad

but not as hairbrained as his next project sounds

“his own front yard may very well be the site of his next project, after he’s through fiddling with his current one – a Honda motor scooter powered by twin Cruise missile jet motors.”

Would be good to try, I would imagine it would be toot round corners. How do you find launching your K5 off the line? I love a traffic light GP and the 600 is fantastic for that cause you can muller it and not worry about it lifting the front too much. I have seen your gixer lift off he power normally let alone when you tw@t it one

Not me, surely Terry? You can do very fast starts, it’s just about balancing the throttle so you keep the front down, then when the initial surge of torque is over, you just put the power down and zip to silly speeds. Though my clutch has this crap jerking issue right now which means fast-starts aren’t possible. It’s being addressed next week hopefully.

There is already a road legal jet bettle in this country it can be found at all main meetings at santa pod raceway and is very amusing to watch all though i would not like to meet it at a set of traffic lights

sorry it’s off topic Jay but I remember seeing details about the K5-1000 clutch jerk being resolved months ago, can’t remeber where I saw it, maybe Suzukiowners club or Visordown, but there was a fix from Suzuki apparantly.

Not the most useful post I know

It’s all in-hand Wigs, don’t worry, thanks though

At first I thought it was a fake then I notice it was another yank with more money than sense, wouldn’t mind giving it a spin though.