Faring for a GS500E


Does anyone know of any aftermarket faring that would fit the Suzuki gs500E?



You may be able to get such a piece of kit on eBay.

I had a quick look:


Can’t be sure it would fit - there was nothing for the 500e, but I searched on GS500 and got a few potentials I think…

Try here - it is US though, but lots of GS info


or ask a question here


I now you can buy a fully faired GS, (F model) but don’t know if they retro fit an E model, there are aftermarket kits out there. I did have a GS500E for a while - hire bike, whilst mine was trashed years back.

Good Luck

Thanks for both your inputs, I’ll check out your links!

I was wondering whether the F could be adapted…

The reason why I specifically bought an E model is because it has a thinner seat than the other models. It’s just, I’m now really starting to like the idea of fairing.

Thanks again for your time!


Hey mole, i think we met on the rideout yesterday, i was the guy on the Bandit parked up next to ya

As i said i used to have a GS500E, and very nearly went down the bikini fairing/flyscreen route with mine, in the end i dident want to spoil its rugged good looks .

As well as the flyscreen, I believe you can also get a nosecone style fairing for GS’s which might defelect some windblast.

I wonder if the front fairing from something like a GPZ500 could be bodged on? maybe worth looking into, maybe not


Thanks TheDon! Yes, we were discussing the amount of oil they drink
I have found something, but it’s a)in America, and b)very expensive…$750…is that normal for fairing? How much does fairing cost?

Every GS500 owner i meet tells the same about the oil consumption, was chatting with some guy today at Essential rubber with a GS500, Hes got a spare engine lined up so hes semi-deliberately leaving it to see if it will seize… but i digress…

TBH if i were you i wouldent pay too much for a fairing, if you can get one cheapish or get an expert bodger to sort something out for you fair enough, but unless you are smoking around at 100 everywhere on it and windblast is a major issue, you would be (IMHO) better spending the money on something like Goodridge/HEL Braided brake lines or uprated suspention…

Well, every weekend I go on long trips now, and the wind does annoy me…

I just found these people, again they are in america, but here, have a look…


That stuff looks great but it’s bloody expensive

Yep before i posted my last post had a little look on google for that exact fairing, i remembered it when i was searching myself, i think it makes the GS look great, but unless you are flush a bit on the expensive side, ask yourself how long you will keep the bike and if you would get your moneys worth from that fairing…

Besides nothing wrong with a bit of wind, strengthen them neck muskels

HA HA!!! My neck muscles are gonna be scarey soon! Especially with my lid at the mo…need to get that changed too!


I used to have a GS500 and fitted a screen about halfway in size from fly-screen and tourer - think it was called a Spitfire or something. Quite a few companies do them and they’re easy to fit. Did the job in keeping the wind off. Save your money for chains and sprockets - I went through loads of them, even though they were well adjusted and lubed. Clean it every week as well, otherwise it’ll rot around you.

Ok, thanks, I’ll look into that.