Farewell Sherrie

Sherrie leaves for New York today :frowning:

Good luck in your new job, we hope you settle in quickly and get another bike soon, keep in touch you have my email address and fb.

Safe journey xxx

Safe trip Sherrie, I loved New York when I went last Xmas, hope you settle in quickly, keep in touch :slight_smile: x

Good luck Sherrie! hope it all goes smooth for you over the next few weeks! NY at christmas or Jamaica?:w00t:

Good luck babes - keep us in touch on FB :wink:


Heres wishing you all the luck in the world;) i sooooo envy you xxx

you’ll have a wonderful time, what a wicked thing to do!.. x

New York bikers anyone?

Have a wicked time and good luck ! Was nice to meet you those times in the car !!

Best of luck Sherrie, you’ll have a wonderful time.

Boy that must be such a great new life! you lucky woman!!!

Have a safe trip and make sure keep in contact!! :smiley:

Good luck, safe journey, & if you can’t have a bike straight away enjoy the clubbing:D:D

Good luck Sherrie, i hope it all goes well with the move and the job. Take care.

Good luck in your new job and meeting lots of lovely new people over there,what a great opportunity you have!!!.:smiley:

Good luck Darlin! I’m looking forward to my holidays in NY!:w00t:


GOOD LUCK chicka!

Will give u a bell wen im next in NJ :slight_smile: xx

good luck darling… Going to be missed…

Awww thanks guys, I will mis you all too. I’m just killing time waiting for my flight at heathrow!

I’ll certainly still be checking in on LB and of course facebook so you’re not completely rid of me :w00t:

As for the next bike, I’m gonna party all winter then get a bike in Spring :slight_smile:

Good luck! You’ll love NY, it’s a great city :slight_smile:

Haven’t you gone yet?


Just make sure the spare room is ready!

Going to miss you.
Can’t believe you’re really going.
I keep thinking its a long holiday and that you’ll be back in a month or so
I know you’re going to have an amazing time…with your “new friends”, lol

Hope you settle in quickly with your roomies :wink: