FAO Terry Moto

Here you go Tel, had it quite a few months early, just thought you might like to see the pics grandad lol :smiley:

Wow, don’t they grow fast!

Amazing what you can win in a raffle nowadays :smiley:

Dawn it’s a lovely pic I was amazed you’re looking so well after the birth too.

So when are you having another?


Are you talking about Curtis.:smiley:

Whenever Terry and Tugs start the next rumour I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

So anytime then!

See Tug, how wrong was you ? He reconed you was just full of wind and a bit bloated, from the chilli cheese and chips, and I said to him you wernt a farting sort of Girl :smiley:

So glad that lovely looking Baby aint got Curtis’s ears :wink:

Love ya Tig’s, you can take it aswell as give it :wink:

Dont you think that baby looks like JasonB :slight_smile:

If it had less hair it he’d look like you Tel…


Outrageous … new rumor suggests Tiggi is a he-she :w00t: