FAO Stevie Ramone....

Do some work you lazy fckr


Oy - I’m a civil servant - I pay taxes therefore I pay my own wages ( :ermm: technically… I think… :ermm: :P) so if I wanna break for a ‘few minutes’ ( :Whistling: ) to see what’s going on with LB, I will!

Anyways… that’s rich coming from the man who’s got 6 weeks off work and ain’t putting it down to sick or holidays - you’re a paid skiver, you are :P:D:hehe:

Harsh…but fair.

You hitting the BM tonight? Got to be in Putney for beers so prob give it a miss tonight.

Nah - home duties tonight - gotta plan a nursery in a very small house :wink:

Plan a nursery…so long as the Newbie doesn’t impact on your biking too much


In a few mins I am actually seeing an architect about maybe getting an extension on the back of my house…well, seeing about getting an idea of the cost so I can have a good rant about the cost of things, getting planning permission, builders timescales etc.

ps. If anyone can recommend a builder in SW London…feel free to PM me their details

“…recommend a builder…”

You’ll never know how much dread that question puts into an architects heart.

I would recommend my ex brother in law, he’s a retired professor of comparative theology, and knows jack about building, but he’s in Manchester.

Doesn’t necessarily rule him out though.

The planning officer managed to ensure that no architects or builders will be getting any of money…might have to look at a better bike then!