FAO Sneaky

“A bike with so many miles and so abused shouldn’t be as good as this”

Salad, street legal and a nigh on 15 minute minute video?

McSneaky summed it up in one word :wink:

A dab of Loctite 243 will sort out the mirror issue.


I’ll have a watch when i get home…

Firstly, thats got 50cc too much. Secondly, sorry I got bored…what was the video about?

Ok, I was wrong, sorry. Watched the vid on the TV instead of my phone! Yep, enjoyed that, thank you Chang yammi! There is certainly something very special about XR’s. When I fir rode a friends 6.5 I thought it too tall and too heavy. I rode it again some years and loved it! Felt smaller and much faster than my 6.0?

As the video said. You can abuse these big XR’s ridiculously with regard to maintenance and they just keep going. Mine been cossetted obviously!