fao rottie

hi mate do you know any decent sites or places to get 200sx parts fron im after a few things for mine. ive stopped drivibg it now for a few months. starting this weekend im stripping it getting 2 bucket seats cage. turnig it into a bit of a drift car. cant drive it for sh*t but i like the style. ive done a few things to it at the mo but need some decent places to go do.

cheers dude.

As usual, I would really go for Ebay. I bought plenty of stuff for my 200SX’s there. Especially from japanese buyers all the second hand stuff from HKS, Apexi, JE, Blitz and other JDM companies is very cheap comparing to UK. It’s just that Japanese market is full of it.

Two of my mates are selling their S14 now:



Both of them are about 390-400BHP built on the best aftermarket parts.

If your S14 is fully standard I would just go for a Manual Boost Controller, FMIC - from Iveco truck for example, and an ECU remap. U won’t spend too much money, especially with DIY and with Sr20DET engine that u’ve got U should be around 250BHP, later on you can change the exhaust for a less restrictive one, change the turbo ( GT28 is good because it reacts fast, there is no big turbo lag, but you won’t go too far with it, I would suggest something bigger),then just get rid of all the interior (this is one of the most in appreciated way of modifying, I had my car completely stripped down and the difference was huge!), fix two light bucket seats and go drifting. But don’t forget about exchanging all the fluids: coolant, oils, upgraded brake fluid etc.

or if you’ve got too much money just take it to NorrisDesign…

Let me know if I can help with anything!

thanks mate ill let you know how i get on. and ill post some pics on here. the bottom 1 looks swwweeeeet.

No probs.

It’s a S14 converted to S14a the hood and roof is dark blue metallic and the rest is white pearl with some blueish shades.It does look beautiful especially on these 18x8 wheels. And it does have xenon lights.

Let me know

billy be for you wast all ya money on this car, sell it and buy the one with gears, and get rid off the auto you puff

its all being done dude dont worry. this sh*ts gonna kick ass when its done.