FAO Rod - Exhaust crash bung!

Heya, if anyone can help, that would be great!

I bought one of them R and G exhaust crash protectors, but didn’t fit it the can because it wouldn’t fit properly (I don’t know whether anyone has done successfully!)

You can guess the rest, I then managed to chuck the bike down the road and totally scratched up my bootiful akra

I have a spare crash bung and was thinking to bolt that in place of the pillion footpeg to offer, i guess, kind of minimal protection for any future drop.

But i really don’t know how to do this (it doesn’t replace the footpeg direct on the blade)! then saw Rod has managed this on his Road/track gsxr750.

So Rod, how they heck did you manage to fit it? could you possibly detail this…maybe with a closeup pic! (

Much appreciated

BTW R and G exhaust crash protectors are really good, but when one bent back after the off, it was a bugger to get off!

Hi Bladey, welcome to the site! I’ll give Rod a nudge and ask him to check this thread out. Sorry to hear about your bike, but yes, R&G’s are the mutts nutts compared to other crash-bungs out there.

Thanks very much for the detailed post !

I’m going to give it a go this w/e…will let you know how i get along. One thing I was also curious about was that in the event of an off, the crash bung could push the hanger and twist the sub-frame?

Oh well…it’s all much of a muchness!lol

In regards to removing the bent R&G, i ended up having to cut the nylon off because it had burnt back and sealed over the bolt!!(the bike did slide a fair old way!:wow

Hope Brands went ok with you and I’ll let you know how i get along.

Safe riding guys…and keep up the good work jay (emoticons are wicked btw :hehe